Sunday, July 26, 2009

Things I learned this weekend.

I look to old to be carded. Went to a bar Friday night with my SIL and BFF. The bouncer let us walk right in. When I confronted the him about it, he said we looked "Mature". All I heard him say was "blah blah blah blah old" He assured me the next time we came in he would ask to see my.... AARP Card. Asshole.

Cafe Patron Yes you read right... coffee flavored tequila. goes down real easy by the 3rd one. OMG is it good. Luckily I didn't drink so much of it that my clothes fell off.. like last weekend.

I really DON'T know how to paint. My cousin asked me to help her paint a bedroom in her house yesterday. I assured her I knew how. I lied for the wine she was bribing me with to help her.

Drive-thru liquor stores.. are they REALLY a good idea? HELL yes, especially when you are out of wine, covered in paint and need vodka.

Drunken painting is fun. (See above)

My co-workers really DO love me. After leaving my cousins house, I drove by a team leaders house because it was on my way home. I looked in the driveway and saw my team leaders car in her driveway, and them in the garage with their menfolk, so I beeped the horn. I decided to turn around and see them. As I pulled in, I got a text from one of them asking me to come by there. All sweaty and covered in paint, they all hugged me, made me a drink and I got to watch them kick their husband's asses at pool.

It is WONDERFUL to see 5 of the people you are close to all in one weekend and be able to spend time with them all.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well.

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Skylers Dad said...

I am sensing alcohol as a recurring theme here. We would get along famously!

quirkyloon said...

You're gonna hate me for this.

I dedicate the PeeWee Herman Tequila dance to you!

heh heh heh

dizz said...

LMAO! Yes... now it is stuck in my head... thankyouohsomuch!

I love ya anyway!

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dizz said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaah... I seem to be consuming more than ever lately.

The liver is bad and must be punished! We get along famously already ;P I am grateful for that.

Recent blog:=- Things I learned this weekend.

otin said...

I cannot paint either, but I had some margaritas Friday night, I think that I could have done some real good walls then!

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Jo said...

Have you had coffee flavored vodka? Makes a great coffee martini!

dizz said...

woooooooooohoooooo. Its fun painting amateur graffiti with the one color and painting over it.. sometimes it sticks out like a sore thumb no matter how many coats you paint over it

Recent blog:=- Things I learned this weekend.

dizz said...

I'm not sre. I've had a chocolate martini that tasted like coffee. But I don't know for sure what was in it. I will definitely look for it though. Thanks for the tip

Recent blog:=- Things I learned this weekend.

Skye said...

I seem to be drinking more all the time as well and I like it too :D

As for painting, yep much more fun when there's alcohol involved!

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dizz said...

however... the next day.. it doesn't look as good as it did when you were drunk

Recent blog:=- Things I learned this weekend.

blognut said...

Thank goodness your clothes didn't fall off this weekend! LOL!

Unfinished Rambler said...

I'm not much into coffee, but with tequila...just maybe, just maybe. :)

I also mentioned you in a shout-out that I gave to Da Old Man over at Crotchety Old Man Yells At Car. FYI. :)

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dizz said...

I know it.. that was pretty funny though.. One day I'll grow some monkey balls and post the pic here

Recent blog:=- Things I learned this weekend.

Eileen said...

You crack me up everytime!! Drunken painting. Excellent. I will pout myself a margarita next time that I crack open a can of paint. And.. I will toast to you!!

AD said...


You and Stacy are dangerous together.

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dizz said...

its sooooooo very good! You have no idea!

Thanks for the bloggy love, I appreciate it. Eveyone needs to harass.. er I mean call Joe!

Recent blog:=- Things I learned this weekend.

dizz said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh it's a lot of fun... til the next day. Not only the hangover, but the realization that you really should NEVER try to paint again his real hard. LOL


Recent blog:=- Things I learned this weekend.

dizz said...

Yes... THIS time we had NO adult supervision THAT'S the scary part

Recent blog:=- Things I learned this weekend.

Mango Girl said...

what a fun weekend you had! I have lied about skills as well for the free wine ~ hehehe! They drink enough of it themselves, they won't notice you aren't a pro.

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ReformingGeek said...

I'll paint for wine and I know what I'm doing. ;-)

I sat in a cold gym in a training class all weekend. That part I didn't like the but people are always fun!

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dizz said...

ugh... that doesn't sound like fun at ALL. BUT it will all be worth it for you when the event comes.

Recent blog:=- Things I learned this weekend.

dizz said...

That's exactly what I was hoping for! I got t too. It was a blast.. to bad its over...sigh

Recent blog:=- Things I learned this weekend.

shelly said...

You're too easy. I Have wine. Lots of wine!...and laundry , weeding,re- come on over! I had a great time with you old biddies Friday. Glad you like Cafe Patron, now added to Hoops and woo-woos as our drinks DeJour(oops got a little too fancy there with that one).

dizz said...

LOL! I had a blast. Are our livers REALLY this bad? I think I have drank more in the last few months than I ever had in my lifetime.

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ann said...

I tried sweet tea flavored vodka with lemonade this weekend. I was previously ignorant of these caffeinated vodkas , but DELISH!!

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