Thursday, June 4, 2009

This IS a COMEDY Channel, right?

The other night we were watching some stand-up comics on Comedy Central.

One was Jim Gaffigan talking about Hot Pockets:

I can't remember who the other one was, but he was equally as funny.
So our whole family is laughing our asses off watching these hilarious guys. Then, commercial time.
Still laughing and talking about what we have seen so far, we are drawn back to the mind gooing machine to the sounds of somber music. It was a commercial for the World Wildlife Foundation about saving the polar bears from extinction

It was like 1 minute being on a cocaine high (or so I've heard) and the next like hitting the morphine plunger. What the fuck are the producers thinking? Why would you want to do that to your audience?

After wiping the tears of sadness and putting my credit card away, the show ended. Then there was another episode. YAY. Like I said before, I can't remember who the other comedian was, so I am going to pretend it was Brian Regan; one of my all time favorites. He is a clean comic and absolutely hilarious!
This clip is about eye examinations:
Brian Regan - Get Your Eyes Checked
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Again it goes to commercial. We all now have tears rolling talking about how true this is.
Once again, the sounds of sadness and depression come from the speakers:

OHHHHHHHHHHHH here comes the morphine. Now our hearts are broken again because we have 2 dogs and 2 cats who are spoiled rotten and just don't realize how good they have it.

Again, what the hell are the producers thinking. You can't just can't give us a Red Bull and then take our ponies away. That's just plain wrong!

Now we don't dare watch the stand-up shows. We are afraid they are going to show us baby seals getting clubbed.

Why can't they show funny commercials like this? ( I LOVED this one when it was onTV)

or this

Oh that's right, because they're banned... sigh


Guest said...

That little polar bear is HILARIOUS! He's all like, "Should I jump in? Should I hang out here? Hey, is that guy from ER talking about me?"

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quirkyloon said...

Yeah those save the polar bear commercials are a total buzz kill.

I watched the ban commercials.


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blognut said...

Perhaps they're just trying to give you a little taste of what it's like on the emotional roller coaster. Maybe that's the big joke behind it all.


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Skylers Dad said...

Jim Gaffagan and Brian Regan are two of my favorites of all time! Brian Regan talking about sports as a kid is fantastic.

dizz said...

he was quite funny. It almost made me ant to go push him in!

Recent blog post: This IS a COMEDY Channel, right?

dizz said...

I know right.. on a comedy channel.. THOSE are the commercials you want to see .... just those 2 over and over again

Recent blog post: This IS a COMEDY Channel, right?

dizz said...

sick bastards.. that's probably on their list of "happy" things

Recent blog post: This IS a COMEDY Channel, right?

dizz said...

YAY! Another BR fan. Grape's favorite! I get a whole snowcone for plying half game

Recent blog post: This IS a COMEDY Channel, right?

ReformingGeek said...

I love those commercials! As for the you actually watching them, shame on you! Don't you know that's when you're supposed to mute the TV, go pee, and get a snack from the kitchen?

Recent blog post: Get Some Caffiene, it's a MEME!

used cars sioux falls said...

I wondered if I was the only one that noticed that. I hate the happyness kill so bad that I just switch to another channel and keep checking back until the show is back on.

dizz said...

But you see.. I was to damn comfortable to get up.. besides my cat was laying on me.. who am I to disturb her.. you of all people understannd THAT ;)

Recent blog post: This IS a COMEDY Channel, right?

dizz said...

I wanted to.. but it was like a train wreck.. I just couldn't look away! I would feel somehow guilty for not watching. Do you have a blog page, because as much as I would love to buy a car from you... alas I am broke ;P

Recent blog post: This IS a COMEDY Channel, right?

otin said...

I love the mastercard thing and I hate that polar bear commercial!

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dizz said...

It wouldn't be so bad if it hadn't been a comedy buzzkill!

Recent blog post: This IS a COMEDY Channel, right?

dana said...

Every time I get sucked in, watching those wildabeast jumping out of the bubbling stream, only to be jerked back in by the crocodile, or the pretty snowshoe bunny, running through the snow....followed by a cheetah, or a fox, or being plummeted by a hunter with a sub machine's not safe to watch commercials.

But those humane society commercials, with the "in the arms of an angel" soundtrack.....OMG.....those eyes! The quivering pit bull......mommie!!!!!!!!

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dizz said...

Yep.. that HS commercial brings me to tears every damn time!

Suzy said...

It's easier to get into Fort Knox than to leave a comment here! Brian is hysterical, watch Gaffigan's Bacon bit and put Sarah Macauclan out of my misery.

Recent blog post: It's Everybody Can Bite Me Friday!

dizz said...

yeahhh.. sorry bout that Suzy. I am glad you stopped by though. I am thinking about going back to the old standard.

Recent blog post: and you people wonder why I'm mental..

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