Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dear Nazi KFC cashiers..

When I came in a few weeks ago for your free grilled chicken meal, I was disappointed that I got fried chicken instead. That's ok, it was a popular promotion, you were busy, things got mixed up. I understand.

Yesterday I came in for my paid meal. I want to clear up something you may be confused about menus. Menus have choices for people to choose what they want. So when I ordered the grilled chicken meal for the first time, I was taken aback by your dictation of what my sides would be when I hadn't ordered them yet. You barked "Mashed potatoes and coleslaw!" I said, "Um nooooooooo I WANT mac and cheese and green beans" You looked at me like a just grew a penis out of my forehead.

It wasn't just you though, your drive-thru Nazi did the same thing to my friend who got there after I did. Only she demanded my friend have mashed potatoes and baked beans.

Also, the 9 minute wait on biscuits at lunch time? Unacceptable. Don't you people know when you're running low. I'll give you a hint. When it is 11 o'clock and you are down to 2 biscuits including the one that fell on the floor.. you need to make more.

Your grilled chicken? REALLY? You actually promote that shit on TV? It sooooooooo wasn't worth the wait. I could make better yard bird following recipes from the Zombie Chicken Cookbook and they use rotten chicken. Needless to say, I will NOT be back to your particular store. The Colonel is rolling in his grave watching you people in action.


Pissed off former patron


Mr Condescending said...

Remember they have peabrains, and are lucky to just trudge through life. They should make self checkout registers like some grocery stores have.

Guest said...

LOL I feel ya... I don't go to ours either..Mess up my food 1 time..okay do it again...I won't be back. I said goodbye to many places if I pay good money for that crap I want that crap to be right..I will continue to call and tell ya too get my crap right!

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ReformingGeek said...

Wow! You're probably better off without them. I hate it when people give me that "look". No, I'm really not stupid, OK?

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quirkyloon said...

Well thanks for the KFC grilled chicken review. It looks fantastic in the commercials. Now I know better! heh heh

Maybe KFC got bought out my Wal-Mart and it hasn't been announced yet?

Cuz it sure sounds like they're hiring the same people!


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blognut said...

Too funny! I'm always amazed when fast food restaurants seem to be surprised when customers show up looking for food.

What? Like you'd go there just to use their dirty bathroom or something?

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Skylers Dad said...

I haven't been to a KFC in years. They seem to hire only the worst in Customer Service, and in the food industry, that is saying a lot!

Mike said...

You can grow a penis from your forhead? AWESOME!

dizz said...

That would be SO awesome!

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dizz said...

I even went INSIDE the store. People just KILL me!

Recent blog post: Dear Nazi KFC cashiers..

Nena said...

hahahaha!!! Yo for real...I dont even like KFC but this is an issue with every fast food restaurant I have ever been to! hahaha How dare we go to a restaurant and expect service for our hard earned money. Damn us!

dizz said...

I totally agree! Their food is crap anyway

Recent blog post: Dear Nazi KFC cashiers..

dizz said...

You know... that is a possibility! Or maybe the government

Recent blog post: Dear Nazi KFC cashiers..

dizz said...

Exactly! At least act like you are grateful to HAVE a job

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dizz said...

I think I will follow your lead. They really pissed me off this time

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dizz said...

I can, but it involves a lobotomy and viagra

Recent blog post: This IS a COMEDY Channel, right?

dizz said...

I know it.. the nerve!

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AD said...

It is about time you've realized KFC is disgusting. So good. We shall never eat from there again. That, and Popeyes. KFC and Popeyes are sick. Period.

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Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Yikes!! Doesn't sound like they'll be in business for too much longer at this rate!

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