Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Survived!

Yesterday, I went to the very first Alumni Powder Puff football practice at my old high school. I had prayed for thunder and lighting so we didn't have to practice. Fortunately it didn't happen.

I had more fun than I thought I would have. When we got there, I recognized 2 people from my graduating class. One of which I couldn't stand back in the day. I think the feeling was mutual. But as the day went on, I found out we DID grow up and forgot about all the past crap. Partly because we're old and senile.

Our coach is a guy that graduated in '95. He's very competitive and was kind of disappointed to learn there was not going to be any tackling. He had to refrain several times from telling us to "get out there and rip someone apart." He also didn't know how to tell us to "spread our legs, bend over and touch the ground" when we were stretching. Of course we giggled, made fun of him turning red and moaned and groaned the whole time we were stretching. I think it turned him on.

The field was already wet from earlier rain. Being the dirty old bitties that we are, we couldn't help but giggle or making jokes ourselves about dirty, wet, squishy, small balls. You see, there were two balls (snicker) one was bigger and hard (snort) the other was small and squishy (HA!) We had to test out both balls to find which we preferred. It was a hard decision, because both the balls were equally slippery. We discovered that it didn't matter which balls we got to handle.

Our coach was very impressed by how quickly we picked up on the plays, the positions and the rules. Some of us actually like football, but most had no clue. The terms "hut" "receiver" and "running back" were very Greek. I had no problem though, my son played Pop Warner for 4 years and I am a die hard Dolphan, so I am very familiar with the game.

By the time practice was coming to an end, I didn't want to stop. I was having too much fun and so was everyone else. But everyone else had things to do, so we had to stop.

As I was getting into the car to go home, I realized there were muscles I didn't know I had already screaming at me (that's how I know I'm old.) I was hot, sweaty and tired. But it was 2 hours well spent and I can't wait to do it again next Saturday. Good thing the practices are a week apart, I think they knew our bodies would need that long to recover before punishing them again.

The actual game is during the homecoming game on Sept 30. We will only play 2 10 minute halves (thank God!) If it is a success, the school will decide to make it a new tradition no pressure

I hope the commentary does not go as Otin predicted:

Announcer: ...And it is first down and the ball is snapped, it is handed off to Dizz, she runs, she is not touched but she just stopped?

Color commentator: It appears that she just ran out of breath, or maybe pulled a muscle.

Announcer: Yes, Bill, she is obviously injured, imagine what would have happened if she was actually chased?!

CC: Here comes the stretcher.

Announcer: She should have listened to her daughter. It looks like she will be fine, she just got the wind knocked out of her!

CC: Wind knocked what?

Announcer: Old age, Bill, it will sack you every time!


Anonymous said...

I loved this post! Probably one of my favs! So much fun and you are so funny. Talent my dear,lots of talent! Hugs! Shelly

SkylersDad said...

Glad you had fun! And Otin has a future in color commentary.

dizzblnd said...

Thanks Shelly! Really? Your favorite? OHHHHHHHHHH that's right.. you are dirty minded like me..hehehehe

Chris . It was a blast. Yes Otin has a future.. in a LOT of things.. he's terrific

p-huong said...

I wasn't allowed to play powder puff football in high school because of being on the track team. Lame.

Glad to know you had so much fun!

ReformingGeek said...

Glad you fun! Ice packs, ice packs, did I say ice packs!

otin said...

Who was the tight end? haha! I think that commentary would have gone for me also! :) I would have needed oxygen after the coin toss!

blognut said...

I think it sounds like a blast! I want to play!!!

ettarose said...

I am so glad you had a great time. I could NEVER NEVER NEVER do that. My computer chair muscles would freak!

Slyde said...

210 minute halves?

MY god, woman! you'll kill yourself! :)

Skye said...

Yep Dizz, it sounds like fun alright! Better you than me though, I wouldn't do so good playing any type of sport in my old age :D

otin said...

We should try a nice game of shuffleboard! LOL!

Nap Warden said...

OMG...I was scared to death of Powder Puff football in high school:O Color me impressed!

♥ Braja said...

Wow, a Greek lesson....who'da thought? :))))

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