Saturday, September 12, 2009

Somebody call the paddy wagon.. I have officially lost it!

My cousin asked me 2 weeks ago if I wanted to play alumni Powder Puff football at out old high school. I graduated in '90, she in '91. I reminded her that we are old and old people should not be playing sports. She begged me saying she already signed up, she didn't know anyone it will be fun, and besides, it is a great way to embarrass our offspring. We both have Srs at that school. I told her 'maybe' hoping that would satisfy her and that she would change her mind

When I told my daughter I would be playing, she rolled her eyes. "You were sore for a week after 1 day of yard work why in the world are you going to play football?" "Because my cousin is a bully and making me play"

I am watching radar now.. praying for rain (I am close to Deltona) sigh.. it is moving too slowly. Practice is at 9... it is 8 now .. sigh

Hubs just told me I should establish myself as soon as I get on the field "Let's get something straight right now, I didn't come here to run or do any other physical activity so don't expect much!"
What the fuck was I thinking <---Great song.. click on it

SHIT my cousin is here gotta go.. someone do a thunder and lightning rain dance please


otin said...

"You were sore for a week after 1 day of yard work why in the world are you going to play football?"

Oh, that is so me! LOL!
It rains a lot down there, right? hehe

otin said...

I was first!!!!

SkylersDad said...

Good luck, don't pull anything that isn't fun to pull.

Ann's Rants said...

Oh good lord, BE CAREFUL.

This is one of those "famous last words" type of post.

Have a blast. Do not drink and powderpuff.

Then again, is there any other way??

Skye said...

You can have our rain! The night before last and all day yesterday gave us an accumulation of around 9 inches of that nonsense! I'm quite sick of it personally and could do with some nice dry days :D

Mango Girl said...

Can I get one of those jackets you sport in the first picture?

Two words: Tiger Balm.

Anonymous said...

I'm dancing. Still dancing. Threw in a couple of moonwalks too.

Hope it works!

hee hee

You so funny.

otin said...

Imagine the play by play, if they broadcast the game:

Announcer: ...And it is first down and the ball is snapped, it is handed off to Dizz, she runs, she is not touched but she just stopped?

Color commentator: It appears that she just ran out of breath, or maybe pulled a muscle.

Announcer: Yes, Bill, she is obviously injured, imagine what would have happened if she was actually chased?!

CC: Here comes the stretcher.

Announcer: She should have listened to her daughter. It looks like she will be fine, she just got the wind knocked out of her!

CC: Wind knocked what?

Announcer: Old age, Bill, it will sack you every time!


Anonymous said...

So how did it go? We need an update now, I think. :)

dizzblnd said...

Otin.. It DOES rain a lot. I actually had more fun than I thought I would. Of course it rained right AFTER practice was over!

Chris.. Thanks.. I remembered your words and nothing was pulled.. I AM sore as hell already however.

Ann.. Thank you. I was careful.. I think next time I'll put raspberry vodka in my water ;)

Skye... Holy... that is a lot of rain.. no thanks. I just hope it lets up for you

MG.. I'll send it to you .. just keep it handy.. I might need it again soon... I am googling Tiger Balm now

QL. Thanks for trying.. it worked.. AFTER practice was over

Otin THRICE in one day? I feel honored. Your commentary had me laughing my ass off. Thank you for that

Unfinished.. All went well. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I am already sore and I can't wait to do it again next Sat.

Deb said...

oh no... you're screwed.

ReformingGeek said...

I'm feeling sore for you!

I will be happy to send you this rain. We go for weeks without anything and then here it is and is and is and is.

Collette said...

Tiger balm is awesome, a little pricey for the size, but you don't need much...Well, maybe you may need a little more than the average person...LOL

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