Saturday, August 1, 2009

ahhh a mini vacay!

As you are reading this, I am on my way to Miami or in Miami, or on my way back from Miami, depending when you tune in.. My husband is working down there, and his brother is working 40 minutes north of there. So my SIL and I are going on a bootie call to see them.

The problem is, they both work nights. So that means they sleep all day. So we won't get to spend too much time with them. But, when they are sleeping, we are going to escape down to South Beach and party it up. The liver is bad and MUST be punished!

I have lived in Florida most all of my life, but I have never been to Miami. I've driven through it a coupla times, but never stopped. I am kinda scared. LOL SIL has been few times, so she can show me the ropes.

I can't wait to go. I need a mini-vacay.

Anyway.. if some (or all of you) could stop by my house every once in a while to check on the 2 teens... that'd be greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat.

I left them a list:

  • Don't kill each other.
  • Give dog a bath.
  • Don't kill each other
  • Keep house clean.
  • Don't kill each other.
  • Take out the trash.
  • Don't kill each other.
  • No parties.
  • Don't kill each other.
  • No girls.
  • Don't kill each other.
  • Don't kill each other.
  • Don't kill each other.
  • Make sure the animals are fed and have water.
  • Don't kill each other.
  • The only places you may go are to the store, work, and grandparents' houses.
  • Don't kill each other.
  • OH! and don't kill each other!



You think the trash will get taken out?

I shall return sometime Monday, but probably won't post until Tuesday. If I can remember to take the camera AND take pics, I will post them for you as well.

I hope you have, will have or had a fabulous weekend.


otin said...

From what I have heard, if you spend some time at south beach, you won't really care about anything on your list! LOL!

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dizz said...

Yeah.. my hubby worked all night, spent from before noon til 6 oclock last night there AND had to be at work at midnight. He is one hungover puppy!

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The Peach Tart said...

Party down and enjoy yourself.

Mr C said...

I can't wait to hear the excuse of why the garbage didn't get taken out. Have fun dizz! :)

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Skylers Dad said...

So if I get this right, they are NOT supposed to kill each other?

Beth said...

You forgot to tell them to not play with matches.

Have fun!

Skye said...

Hmmm, I wonder how much of your list will end up working out as reverse psychology?

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Jo said...

Have fun! Good luck with the teens adhering to any of those rules...

The Queen said...

I will stop by and make sure they give the dog a bath.. plus... If they are having a party.. I'll take the keg home with me.. and drink it for you..

have fun

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Unfinished Rambler said...

Seems pretty simple. What could go wrong? Let us know when you get back if they're still alive. ;)

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Eternally Distracted said...

Ooooo, your kids are going to have a fine time!! ;0)

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ReformingGeek said...

Hum....I think your teens were on the news the other night......


Have fun!

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Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Mini vacay for a booty call! Gotta love it! ;)

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Nooter said...

i think you better take the dog with you.

miami beach, oh yeah!

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Tracey said...

Hey i had a great party at your house last night.. although the rubbish thrown in the garden was quite upsetting.. The pizza boxes do make a wonderful monument in your bedroom though.

Hope you have a wonderful time xxx

ettarose said...

Hope you had a wonderful time. Hope your kids did not. Hahaha.

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Eileen said...

Did you at least take the kitchen knives with you!!!!

Slyde said...

you might want to proofread your list.. im pretty sure you wrote "dont kill each other" twice..

Andy Bailey said...

Hope you had a great time! I was using your blog to test the new commentluv for Echo. thanks!

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