Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What a bargain! NOT

I have been boycotting EGreedbay for a year and a half. No buying or selling. I was a helluva seller if I do say so myself. They made some policy changes increased fees so I stopped selling.

I digress. (I love that phrase.. it confuses some non-bloggers)

Someone recently sent me a $10 gift certificate (GC) to use in the rip-off giant auction site of the world. SO I thought what the hell. It won't cost me any money.

I found a reasonably priced NY & Co blouse. (LOVE that store!) Free shipping and under the amount of the GC. So I "bought it now" and tried to pay with the GC. The GC was sent to an email address not associated with my Paypal (PP) account, so it wouldn't work. Somehow, probably because I wasn't paying attention, I ended up paying for it through my PP account. Which had .13 in it. The PP account is linked to my bank account, so of course it took the balance from my bank account.. which has no money in it... so I will be charged $34 for a blouse that cost me $4. I called PP tried to get it resolved, but it would be a huge hassle. So I wrote the seller explaining what happened. I asked if she would refund the money so I could pay with the GC. I have yet to hear from her. What the hell.. its been 3 hours! Shouldn't she be waiting by her email with baited breath? OK OK I am calm again.

So, now I have to hope she is a kind seller and understands my hair color and will have mercy on me. If she does, I will have to call the bank and beg them NOT to charge me the $34.

Now all of this COULD have been avoided if I had remembered that I could add up to 7 email addresses that would associate with my PP account. Instead, I opened a new account with the email associated with the GC.. BUT I could not link my bank account because it was associated with my other PP account. So I had to enter a different account number to even close the account, but after doing that I STILL could not do it because the GC is associated with that email address. Yeah crazy.

So I have been up since 5:30 this morning and have been trying to get this mess all fixed. I had not showered since I woke up. When I finally got things semi-resolved, I looked at the clock and realized I had to be to work in the next 10 minutes... sigh. So here I am stinky at work... maybe this is why they isolate me. LOL

Luckily I live close to work, so I can shower on my lunch hour.

Hey! I'm a poet and didn't know it.


blognut said...

Sorry you had a sucky start to your day. Paypal is the devil.

quirkyloon said...


I hate these kinds of messes.

They suckage royally.

Good luck in getting your money back.

prismdancer said...

I was going to see if you wanted to go to the coffee shop for lunch, but now I think I'll pass....F greed bay!

Guest said...

OMG I am sooo confused sure hope it works out for ya I know how anxious it must make you.

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DouglasDyer said...

You tempted Karma and she bitch-slapped you. Sorry, but you know you had it coming.

dizz said...

Thanks! That's ok.. the only plus side is that its not Monday.

dizz said...

oooohhhhhhhhhhhh that sounds good too. Maybe after we win the lottery. ;)

dizz said...

I might need all the luck I can get. Hopefully she will be understanding. If not's the story of my life

dizz said...

It's a huge mess.. but it will all work out the way it's supposed know that ;)

dizz said...

yep.. that's usually the way.. I know it was bound to happen....sigh

AD said...

Sigh. This thing deleted my comment. I don't feel like typing it again.

But THAT explains why I can't create a PayPal account.

'This account has already been used.' it tells me.

Thanks, yo.

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ReformingGeek said...

I'm so sorry. I hate hassles like that. Your post was hilarious, though!

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Guest said...

I just have no patience to do the ebay thing. (That's my excuse for being stupid.)

Suzy said...

WHAT A NIGHTMARE. I went thru a similar incident with Verizon. I've stopped shopping, ENTIRELY.

dizz said...

HA! I told you .. only human ;P

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dizz said...

Tis all good.. it work out one way or another.

Recent blog:=- What a bargain! NOT

dizz said...

anytime !

Recent blog:=- What a bargain! NOT

dizz said...

Ut oh.. you might need an intervention soon.! How soon is Braja coming? She can help

Recent blog:=- What a bargain! NOT

otin said...

I never do anything online, except blog and be immature!

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dizz said...

Isn't that what you do offline too? Face it.. all day you think about immature things to blog

Except that poem. That was beautiful

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