Thursday, July 2, 2009

You want to do WHAT with that stick?

With money (or lack thereof) being the way it is when we get it, we should spend it wisely when it comes to food. We should come home from work ,take the scrounged money to the store and buy smart, cheap food with it for at least 2 dinners. Then we should come home, make the kids put the food away, beg one of them to make dinner. But if you're lucky you won't have to beg because one of them loves to cook and he is a great chef so he volunteers. When everyone else refuses to cook you should grin and bear it, not get pissed off and slam cabinet doors and slam things and bitch then entire time you are resisting the urge to spit in their food while cooking it.

In a perfect world, that scenario never happens because there are money trees everywhere, we sing Kum Ba Yah by the fire every night and everyone is happy. But this is the real world so get over it.

When The Boy called me from work and said he just got paid and if we need money to come get it, I should probably not have ordered from from Pizza Slut right before I went to go get the money. Especially when he works right next to a grocery store.

When I got there, I told him I only needed $40. He said "Good that's all I'm giving you, but there's one condition." I knew what was coming. "No fast food" he said. Shit! I almost lied and told him I was going to the store, but realized he would soon come home and find out that I shamefully lied to him. So I confessed. "Mom, we've got to get out of this habit" he said.

I did good though, I bought a medium pizza 2 pastas and breadsticks. There will be enough for lunch today, so it was ok right? RIGHT? Thank you, I knew you'd understand.

He came home from work last night with a branch in his hand. He didn't say hello or anything . Tiffany, my daughter, said "Oh look a fishing pole!" He just walked in and said, "You know what this stick is good for?" I said "I'm not sure I want to know."
He said, "Every time you order fast food, I'm going to hit you upside your head with it."

Wow, that's a little harsh. Especially when the pots say to the kettle almost daily, "Can we go and get some insert fast food chain here, there's no food here." Wait, aren't these the same kids that begged for fast food when it was our money we were spending and not theirs?


Mr C said...

I say spend it however you want!

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Guest said...

LOL, sometimes ya just gotta have pizza ...LOL

Hit 40 said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you may be the mother of a couple of my students!!!!!! LMAO

They come to school and talk about you. How you take their money!!! Too funny. Seriously - do you live in Ohio??

dizz said...

YEAH! They have been leeching off of us long enough huh?

Recent blog:=- You want to do WHAT with that stick?

dizz said...

HA! No but you know when your kids have more money than you do.. what are ya gonna do?

Recent blog:=- You want to do WHAT with that stick?

dizz said...

definately.. unfortunatly it was the hand tossed and it sucked.. sigh

Recent blog:=- You want to do WHAT with that stick?

blognut said...

Don't you hate people who loan you money then monitor how you spend it?

DouglasDyer said...

Stick to your guns. That's your child, your money, your pizza. Of course he's right but that is beside the point.

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dizz said...

Yeah.. if I want to borrow $1000 to go to Vegas.. why should they care..

BTW can I borrow $1000. No I'm not going to Vegas

Recent blog:=- You want to do WHAT with that stick?

dizz said...

Very true..WAY besides the point.. what does he know anyway?

Recent blog:=- You want to do WHAT with that stick?

ReformingGeek said...

I think your son must have been taken over by an alien. Sheesh!

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Beth said...

I may be meaner. I make my boys go grocery shopping sometimes and plan out the whole meal. Their future wives will thank me one day.

otin said...

Unfortunately, it is cheaper to eat out anymore. With value menus and 5 dollar subs it is hard to get motivated to make a fucking meatloaf! :)

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dizz said...

Yes they will. I don't think it's mean.. This is the only way to make men out of these boys.

Recent blog:=- You want to do WHAT with that stick?

dizz said...

Either that or a Zombie

Recent blog:=- You want to do WHAT with that stick?

dana said...

It is impossible to actually go grocery shopping and get what you need....there are all those specials on lavender air freshener and buy 2 get one free candy is cheaper.


dizz said...

This is "The Boy." It is not cheaper to eat out. The other night I made a meal that coast sixteen dollars, took less the half a hour to make, and was really good. It filled everybody up.

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