Thursday, June 18, 2009

Now you know

For a while now, I have been trying to figure out a visual way to explain to you how my brain works.

I have a really seemingly annoying habit/possible disorder. It doesn't bother me a bit, but I think it irritates the hell out of my family and/or friends.

For as long as I can remember, if someone says something that is similar to a movie quote, or a song, I will bust out and continue singing the song or quoting the movie.

For example, if someone says "what we have here...." I will cut them off and say "is a failure to communicate" Or "we might as well..." I'll cut in with "be walking on the sun"

Now I don't normally interrupt people, because it's just plain rude. As long as they don't say something that causes me to bust out in song, I leave them alone. I wonder if this is a disorder, or just something I do that irritates the piss out of people.

Nothing has really been able, in my opinion, to express to you all what I mean.

I posted this

But that is EVERY woman's brain and didn't fully explain what I meant.

I kept searching for another visual and nothing was right.
That is, until, I saw Microsoft's Bing commercial:

That explains it all.

I am glad I was finally able to explain, it was driving me crazyier.

What, you don't believe someone's brain in THAT whacked in reality? My daughter should be along shortly to confirm this.


Hit 40 said...

I finish everyone's sentences too!! I have gotten better with it in the last couple of years. If the person is an ass, I will try not to make any comments. Some folks are just not fun!!!

Shawn said...

I think my girlfriend has a version of this disorder. Any opportunity to begin singing a song or quoting a movie, she usually takes it. It's not annoying AT ALL!

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ReformingGeek said...

YIKES! I'm developing an eye twitch after seeing that video. Thanks for showing us how you're wired. ;-)

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dizz said...

I know.. some people just have no sense of humor sigh

dizz said...

really? Maybe it's because your brain is whacked too huh?

dizz said...

Anytime girl!

blognut said...

I totally believe you're brain works that way. Mine does, too.

Oh yeah... that song thing? I do the same thing. I don't care if it irritates people, or not. I do the song thing!

Guest said...


DouglasDyer said...

Oh noooow I get it! This really explains a lot, thanks.

Skylers Dad said...

That is just about the perfect commercial.

Slyde said...

OH MY GOD! that is SOO ME! i do that all day, and i KNOW that im pissing off my co-workers, but i just cant stop!

dizz said...

LOL I am glad you understand with better visuals

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dizz said...

I LOVE it! I am sure I will be sick of it before too long.. but for now it's pretty funny

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dizz said...

It is a lot of fun! I am glad to know it is more than me out there whose brain is whacked

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Heather, The Mouthy Housewives said...

I guess as long as you don't start grabbing yourself inappropriately too, what could anyone find annoying?

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dizz said...

oh shit.. I left THAT part out lol

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dizz said...

I am glad you enjoyed Dar.. I always love giving my readers a laugh

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dizz said...

YAY! I am as normal as the Blognut! THAT comforts me a LOT ;)

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Guest said...

I'm here for the crazy people convention. Where should I sit?

Beth said...

You just described my husband. I make him take medicine for this OTM disease. You know, On The Mind - Out The Mouth disease. He is seriously afflicted.

AD said...


You folks don't know just how bad of a habit it is of hers since you don't live with her. Lol.

But it's allllll good. :]

Proud of you. Lol.

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quirkyloon said...

Dizzie I swear I already left a comment and I came back to check out your reply and it's NOT here!

But I loved the pic and video. Can I say the pic is mesmerizing. And the video...I especially appreciated the security guard cawing at the lady she was scanning.
That's soooo me.

Caw, caw!

(Now this post better not disappear!)

Shelly said...

Okay, this never ever irritated me about you before, but now that you mentioned it! Oh, I know why...cause I always join in and sing or phrase it with you..OH NOOOOOOO..Loved the commercial. Love how you write!

dizz said...

Thank you for coming.. you DID remember the Vodka right? you can sit right between blognut and Suzy

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dizz said...

THAT is a great name for this affliction! Now I can own it and seek he;p. Ah hell who am I kidding. There's no help for me

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dizz said...

Brreeeeeeeeeeeaking the haaaaaaaaaaaabit tonight!

Dammit there I go again

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dizz said...

I HATE when that happens. It happens quite a bit to me too. Drives me crazy!

The woman Cawing is my favorite part too!

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dizz said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah theres no hope for either of us.. maybe more tequila

Recent blog:=- Now you know

Mango Girl said...

I just snorted watching that, just as I did the first time I saw it on t.v.

I can relate. Wanna start a support group?

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