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If you live in or are visiting Central Florida, clear the roads

That's right folks, my 18 year old daughter finally mustered up the courage to get her drivers license. Click that link if you are interested in the first part of her story. I'll wait. Oh good, you're back. For those of you who didn't click here's a little summary. She has been terrified of driving. Now the reality of the real adult world has hit her, she knows she needs to drive. So, yestererday her daddy took her to the DMV. She had a driver's ed waiver and she was hoping she could just go and get her pic taken and be done with it. Here is the rest of her story taken from her blog. (think Law and Order here...) BA BA BUUUUUM:

When I got up to the desk at the DMV, I told the lady about my waiver, and she's silent as she's typing in information.

Please, please, please, let it still be in the system still. Please.

"It's not here," she says.


"What you can do is you can either call up your school and ask why the info isn't there, or take the driving test here today. If there isn't any room, we can fit you in another time if you make an appointment."

I pondered the thought about the possibility of having to come another time, that way I could practice a little bit more. So I went for it.

"I could do it today," I tell her.

She checks to see if there are any openings for today. . . . Of course there is.

I had to fill out some paper work, get my picture taken and was told to sit down.

A few minutes later, while I was waiting for my impending doom, a kid and one of the driving instructors came in from just doing a driving test.

The instructor looked mean. He looked like an alcoholic bouncer. He wore a Hawaiian shirt as if he just back from vacation and his hair was white and about as long as Hulk Hogan's. (Its pretty sad I compared his hair length to a person such as Hulk, I know.) As he took off his dark sunglasses, he let out a long, tiring I can't believe I'm still alive sigh.

I prayed I wouldn't get him. He didn't look like fun at all.

"Tiffany?" I hear my name. I look up and it's him. Alcoholic Hawaiian Bouncer man.

We walk outside and he says, "I'm Milt and I'll be your instructor for today."

Right off the bat, he was nicer than I thought.

"You seem nervous. Are you?" he asks me.

"Uhh, you can, you can say that," I say.

"Well, don't be."

Easy for you to say.

He also mentions that he hasn't failed anybody since last Friday.

"I'm on a pretty good streak," he says.

You might not be after you get through with me, man.

After checking the lights and whatnot, we begin the test.

As soon as we get in the car, Milt puts his hands in front of the air vents and says, "Oh man, cold air conditioning. Awesome."

He looks over at me and explains, "Oh, the kid that I had before you, his car had air conditioning, but all it blew was hot air. It was miserable."

That explains the expression on his face when I saw him the first time.

I calmed down a bit and the course went pretty smooth.

In Driver's Ed, we had to do the Three-Point-Turn or Turn-a-bout as some people call 'em, and I couldn't master the stupid thing for the life of me.

When it was time for me to do it this time, I did it very well. Better than I thought.
I had trouble parking, but I didn't hit any cones. I was just off center a bit.

The rest of the ride was smooth. Because the course took place in the parking lot (that was also the parking lot for an entire plaza), I drove like a turtle. Slow and steady wins the race, my friends.

And it did, because I got my license.

The maximum points you can get before failing is 31. I got 25. Lol.

"I almost failed you," he admits at the end. "But I didn't because the areas you made mistakes in easily can improve by more practice. I trust you that you'll do just that. Overall, good job."


Also: later on in the evening, I volunteered to get ice cream at the convenient store, since my dad was craving some. My mom's monster of a car is something I need to get used to, and my mom hesitated a bit to let me go.

"I'll take the back roads," I told her.

". . . .Eh, alright, fine," she tells me.

I've only driven by myself once before and it was only from my grandma's house to my own. We're separated by at least five houses.

It was exhilarating, driving by myself. On my way to the store, I got lost. On BACKROADS. Lol. Why these things happen to me, I don't know. I turned down the wrong street, and turned around in someone's driveway.

I am definitely more comfortable by myself when driving than I am with people. People in the car with me make me nervous. . . .but I hope to soon get over that.

Finally getting to the store, I spotted a parking space next to a truck. I did it effortlessly. It was amazing. I almost took a picture with my cellphone to show my parents. . . .but then I changed my mind.

Driving is not so bad. I'm not as scared as I was. I still have yet to drive with traffic though. Gulp.

But we'll get there, when we get there.

So please... head over there and give her some congrats, or at the very least send me some money to cover my skyrocketing insurance. With The Boy (17) already with an accident on his record, and now her, I need all the help I can get.

I joke, but I am very proud of both kids.


Hit 40 said...

Great story!!! And - I agree adding a person like Hulk Hogan (how arctan used the simpsons today) really adds to the imagery. I giggled when you gave a summary at the top knowing we would not click over to the over page!!! LOL

Congratulations!!! I look forward to hearing about your first crash!!!

Being Brazen said...

thats great. Glad she got it. :) Hope she stays out of trouble on the roads

Guest said...

That is a great story and I felt for her, very much my experience and what I expected. I never bother with a few practice runs, one day mom was out of town, I jumped in the car to teach myself I could do it. I did it, my brother saw me and told on me. But the following week I was at the DMV with a Hawaiian woman she did the very same thing, except she said to me first..turn your a/c on as high as it goes. (Coastal Mississippi) yes ma'am...LOL I passed too. That is a wonderful life change happening there total independence Congrats to her and I am sorry baby girl is growing up so fast for ya.

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ReformingGeek said...

Congrats! Your daughter will be fine. She's mature and if she can practice on her own, she'll gain confidence. When she's with others, drive the car first, everything else next. Hubby is a private pilot and it goes in this order: aviate, navigate, communicate.

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Shawn said...

Ugh, I remember the dreaded driving test. I screwed the three point turn all to hell. I thought you were supposed to always keep both hands on the wheel, so I did this awkward reverse stretching my head back over my shoulder. I passed, but it was borderline, like your daughter. Wait, I'm not saying your daughter is know what I mean.

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Beth said...

Girl, I feel your pain with the insurance costs. We pay a metric TON of money to allow FOUR teenagers to drive.

I'm proud of your daughter. And I'm canceling my vacay to Central Florida. Kidding.

dizz said...

LOL! I hardly ever click on links either too funny.

Recent blog:=- If you live in or are visisting Central Florida, clear the roads

dizz said...

Thanks.. me too Just what I need.. both kids driving.. YAY!

Recent blog:=- If you live in or are visisting Central Florida, clear the roads

dizz said...

Thanx Dar.. it is hard to watch.. All I can see is a four year old little girl. I guess all out balls to the wall courage is what it takes sometimes to conquer a fear

Recent blog:=- If you live in or are visisting Central Florida, clear the roads

dizz said...

She DID say she felt more comfortable driving alone. I ama nervous wreck when I ride with her. Her daddy is SO much BETTER than I at that.

Recent blog:=- If you live in or are visisting Central Florida, clear the roads

dizz said...

LOL! I knew what you meant; that's what worries me. I don't think I passed the 3 point either ugh!

Recent blog:=- If you live in or are visisting Central Florida, clear the roads

dizz said...

OMG 4 teens driving?!?!?! I'll send YOU $$$$$

Don't cancel... just let me knowwhen you will be her and I will be sure to lock her in her room!

Kidding Tiff... geez

Recent blog:=- If you live in or are visisting Central Florida, clear the roads

quirkyloon said...

Ha! Good for the daughter! Way to go! Just yesterday I was starting to show my eleven yr old boy the brake pedal and gas pedal and started "telling" him how to drive. Yep, I'm gonna have this kid ready to drive by the time he's twelve! (In August)


Guest said...

I had to retake the written test when we moved back to OH and I was a nervous wreck! Oh, and I almost failed the vision test because I forgot my glasses.

Congrats to your daughter!

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dizz said...

Oh no! That's so not good! I am glad you passed despite not being able to see!

Recent blog:=- If you live in or are visisting Central Florida, clear the roads

dizz said...

Wait! Have you taught him how to shoot tequila yet? If not.. he's not ready ;)

Recent blog:=- If you live in or are visisting Central Florida, clear the roads

dana said...

We drove to Tampa today and back, and we didn't see her anywhere. We're now in Hernando and afraid to drive to Publix until we get further information.

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otin said...

parallel parking was the one that I was afraid of, but the year that I got my license, they did away with it on the test, it was the only year that NJ did not have it!

Recent undefined:=-

dizz said...

awwwwww how nice f them to discontinue it just for you! That rocks!

Recent blog:=- If you live in or are visisting Central Florida, clear the roads

dizz said...

you are safe my friend we are on east coast florida

Recent blog:=- If you live in or are visisting Central Florida, clear the roads

Guest said...

Bless her heart- I feel her pain. I'm actually a horrible driver whether someone is in the car or not. It's best for everyone else that I drive alone!

dizz said...

awwwwwwwwwwww Just keep practicing.. you will improve!

Recent blog:=- If you live in or are visisting Central Florida, clear the roads

Blognut said...


My daughter is getting her license next week, so I feel your insurance pain.

dizz said...

I will pray for your wallet!

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