Friday, May 29, 2009

Things that piss me off

In no particular order, here are things that twist my twat in a bad way:

People that ride a turn lane that is 3/4 mile long, when they don't intend on turning until the end of the lane. I stick my cars nose out there so they have to go around me.

People that call my company thinking they have dialed the utility company and then get all pissy and argue when I try to explain we can't fix the phone box that has the cover falling off of it, because we don't own any utility equipment. Sorry, that is not what we do! That's like calling a pizza place and demanding that they deliver a cheeseburger.

Me, when I go to the grocery store, buy $200 worth of groceries, get them rung up and realize my debit card is in my pocket... at home. (it happens more often than I would like to admit.)

When people talk on their cell phones in a public restroom.. blech.

Celebrities and politicians (that's a given)

Some of the scary looking people they hire to do commercials.

My A/C breaking in the summer (It's fixed now by the way wooooooooooohooooooooo)

My closest shrinking my clothes (can the Maytag man fix that?)

People that drive with just their parking lights on at night. Dumbasses

Grown men who drive piece of shit cars with piece of shit stereo systems that go boom. Don't they know that damn car will rattle apart at any moment?

When I ask my daughter to put my clothes in the dryer so I can go to bed and she "forgets."

I have been at work for an hor and a half and was just reminded of a couple more:

People that can't answer yes or no to yes or no questions

People that feel like they have to tell you their life story when you ask them a question that requires a one or 2 word answer.

When I ask for area code and phone number and people give me their zip code. When I ask again, they say "I just gave you my area code". Listen nimrod .. Aiiiiiiirea cooooooooode and phoooooooooooone nuuuuuuuuumber


Sass said...

Twat Twister.

Twisty Twat.

Traffic Twat Twisters.

I'm going to fully enjoy this for the rest of the day. ;)

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dizz said...

Yep.. them too.. I go bumper tobumper with the car in front of me and refuse to let them in I am evil that way

Recent blog post: Things that piss me off

blognut said...

Oh yeah, I can see all of those things annoying you.

I'm chuckling about the twat twisting thing. Whew! That would be might uncomfortable!

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dizz said...

I KNOW! You leavefinger impressions on my dashboard ALL the TIME

Recent blog post: Things that piss me off

dizz said...

yeah yeah yeah.. maybe I should add THAT to my list

Recent blog post: Things that piss me off

dizz said...

SOMETIMES a twisted twat can be good though.. you have to admit

Recent blog post: Things that piss me off

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