Saturday, May 30, 2009

Public Service announcement # 9847

This is for all women out there who have their car in the shop or need to get work done on their car and have no man to help them know they are about to be ripped off by a seedy mechanic.

You headlights and blinkers do NOT need fluid. Really! They don't.

If you were able to drive your car to the mechanic; your transmission is NOT missing. You wouldn't be able drive your car. Furthermore, your car, no matter how big it is, does NOT need 2 transmissions.

It does not matter where your tires on your car. They are supposed to be rotated regularly. Don't let the mechanic charge you $50 per tire because "the right side is on the left"

The cigarette lighter is cheap, do not let them "throw it in for free" but charge $70 to install it.

Make sure you check for clunking sounds yourself before you take your car in, they just might charge you $300 for removing the bowling ball from your trunk.

It is NOT a 710 knob, it's an oil cap. Don't let them charge you $50 for a new one.

On a totally unrelated note, my daughter has entered a scholarship contest. She had to submit original photos and make a statement "I wish" the rest of the sentence has to match the picture .. please go here You don't have to sign up or anything.. just scroll down click "vote" then when you get redirected click "confirm vote." Above the pic, you can vote for her other entries as well. It will only take an extra couple seconds and you might help save me some money if she wins. You can vote everyday.


Jen said...

I hate taking my car in so much that when it starts to do things I don't understand I just bring it to the dealer and trade it in for a new one. I've been hosed so many times, at least I think I have, it makes me sick. Same goes for plumbing and electrical problems.

dizz said...

LOL.. THAT'S pretty bad. But probably better in the long run

Recent blog post: Public Service announcement # 9847

Guest said...

I always miss a corner and roll mine when it starts acting up.. Nothing pisses me off more than a car that isn't running right.

queen said...

why did my comment come up as guest? I live here..

quirkyloon said...


Yesterday I left a comment on your vent post and it's not there! I just checked to see what you might have responded? Hmm?

AND...I am such a sucker for paying for stupid things like what you described...But I'm trying not to be soooo stoopid anymore!

Good tips!

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dizz said...

I just hope you always wear your seatbelt when you do so

Recent blog post: Public Service announcement # 9847

dizz said...

LOL.. Maybe cuz you forget to put your name in How are ya?

Recent blog post: Public Service announcement # 9847

ReformingGeek said...

What? There isn't fluid in the headlights. Dang. ;-)

I'm just the "little woman". I don't know anything, right? I hate that attitude. I had a mower service place give me that attitude and I nearly told the guy where he could go. To this day, I will not give them any business. It was THAT bad.

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Guest said...

LOL, soooo true...I have been there done that so much I can tell the mechanic what is wrong before I get there and dare him to try to pull anything on me :-)) thanks pop for all the lessons :-))

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otin said...

did you ever notice that when you get brakes done, they always try to tell you that you need your rotors turned, or you need new rotors, that is bullshit, I always just tell them to just give me pads and shoes and I have never had a problem!

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MadMadMargo said...

My mother once went into one of those Quicky Oil place for the basic oil change and lube for $24.95. By the time she left the place, her final bill was $136, they also replaced the serpentine belt that they claimed was faulty. When she got home and showed my dad the old belt he said, "It's still good enough to beat the hell out of that guy and hang him with it."

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Mr Condescending said...

You mean my tires might not have had an oil leak?

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Shelly said...

I SOOO don't want to see the blueberry picture on here. Grounds for lawsuit....:D Huff and Puff! You're post was funny as usual. Love ya...oh one day that Humpy Bulldog of ours is going to make us some moola!

surveygirl46 said...

Great advice and a warning for us women to ALWAYS question EVERYONE on everything ( and to always look out for that "hidden" agenda:)

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