Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things men know/things they SHOULD know

Things men are born knowing: Things they SHOULD have been born knowing:

The engine size of every car ever made: The dress size of their wife or S/O

The name of every military plane: The names of all of wife's or S/O
friends and family members.

What dohickie goes to what: Which shirt goes with which pants, belt and shoes
whatchamcallit in anything

How to fix anything with duct tape: How to fix a broken nail WITHOUT duct tape or WD-40 and/or WD-40

How to scratch their balls and ass. : When to keep their balls and asses out of
places they should never be

Undoing bra straps with one hand: Using same hand to find the clit

Throwing things in the air and catching : Using that amazing coordination to give mutiple O's
them with their mouths.

How to suck a tit : How to suck a tit properly

Damn I must be horny I have to go now.
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Scandalous Housewife said...

Dahhh-yumm is right, girl! Go get you some!

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Shelly Colston said...

Yeah, you need to get some alright girl! Loved the know where to put their ass and balls and duct tape parts. keep up the humor. Luv ya!

Rachel said...


Have fun! ;)

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darsden said...


Mr Condescending said...

I hate undoing bras. I can do it easily but I hate it.

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SheBloggs said...

OMG! Yes, I need to let me husband read this, like see: these things YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO DO!! Plus soft titty lickers are no fun..

Shawn said...

I was not born with any of this knowledge! And I've acquired very little of it in the meantime.

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Slyde said...

wait a minute! the clit is by the Bra?

NO WONDER i could never find it!

blognut said...

I was just thinking that you might need a moment to yourself!

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