Thursday, May 21, 2009

Update: Contest time!

I have my 2 winners! Haley from Talk of the Dog and Queenie of WTF? Please email me with your mailing addresses and I will try to have them mailed off this weekend

Thanks for some good guesses and some hilarious replies.

I am on break at work. No time for a "real" post. Here's the deal. The first 2 people to CORRECTLY tell me what I do for a living and the loving nickname by which I call my male offspring will win 1 of 2 posters. I have a High School Musical 2 poster to announce 2 disc deluxe Dance Edition on DVD and Disney Pixar's "Up" Poster I only have 2 posters, again 1 of each and I will choose whom gets what :) The ones you see below are what I have.

TIFFANY you can NOT play

So Email me with the answers

please vote for me


Mike said...

You work at a company where people call in to get utilities locates and your son you call, umm, 'tard?

Lady Sarcasm said...

I have no idea, but YAY for the UP movie, I want to see it. :)

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moooooog35 said...

I have three guesses:

1) You drive the short bus. That is, until they tell you to get back to your seat.

2) Professional karaokeier...karaokier... You sing shit in bars for drunk people.

3) Foreign porn movie sound dubber. On a related note, are you guys hiring?

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Queenie said...

I know you work for a place where strange people call in to answer basic questions with stupid answers.. like 4th and main..

because I read your bio:work as a call center rep in my state's call before you dig center

and you call your son THE BOY.. and make him dig in septic tanks for fun..

Queenie said...

you also call him COOL HAND LUKE..

Queenie said...

What I really want to know is how to get one of these cool comment things..

dizz said...

1 outta 2 ain't bad.. but not a wiener.. errrrrr winner

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dizz said...

me too. It looks so funny

Recent blog post: Contest time!

dizz said...

although hysterically funny, you have me rethinking my career choice. but alas.. you are wrong.

Recent blog post: Contest time!

dizz said...

DING DING I have my second winner. The 1st one actually emailed me as stated in the rules.. but since you were probably plastered.. you didn't read the complete rules.

Recent blog post: Contest time!

dizz said...

It was a LOT of work to get this to work right.. but you can click on the link below the comment box it will take you there. I help you with what I can

Recent blog post: Contest time!

AD said...


I can't wait to see UP.

Old man: "Go on, get out of here!"

Bird: "Bawawawa!"

Old man: "Knock it off!"

Bird: "Bawawawawa!"


You already know I laugh at that preview every time it comes on. Lol.

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