Tuesday, April 28, 2009

These ought to make you quit smoking!

My co-worker just returned from a trip to Brazil. She is a smoker and because the smokes were cheap there, she bought some. In Brazil, it is a requirement that 100% of 1 side of the packaging be dedicated to health warnings.

Here here some that I found quite humorous from Brazil and other countries. Call me twisted.. but you know you laughed too!

Was the sex THAT good?

It couldn't have been THAT good...smoking causes impotence:

What kind of shit are you trying to feed me? I'd rather inhale secondhand smoke... oh yes there it is.

If smoking kills scorpions, rats and roaches.. what's so bad about it?


Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight it kills humans too silly me


Here's to all of you trying to quit!


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vodkamom said...

I LOVE those!! I needed a laugh today. thanks.

dizz said...

You are so very welcome! I am always happy to make you laugh. Hugs!

Recent blog post: These ought to make you quit smoking!

blognut said...

Okay, okay, I'll try to quit... AGAIN.


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dizz said...

HEHEHE Good luck.. On friday.. I might post some of the more grotesque warnings

darsden said...

LOL that is funny... I can't stand cig. smoke! I wish my mother didn't smoke!

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Jo said...

Those are good!

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dizz said...

my hubs smokes too.. but thank goodness he does it outside. He is trying to quit.. I can't convince him that cigarettes cause impotence though

Recent blog post: These ought to make you quit smoking!

dizz said...

stay tuned (or not) on friday.. I will post some of the more grotesque ones

Recent blog post: These ought to make you quit smoking!

Douglas said...

That bear does look like she just got stuffed. IF you know what I'm saying.

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dizz said...

HAHA! A dirty mind after my own heart!

Recent blog post: These ought to make you quit smoking!

Marissa said...

Loved that last picture! And maybe the rat and roach are just napping. Smoking relaxes you like that.

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dizz said...

maybe if our cats smoked we'd trip on them less and get more food intheir bowls?

Shawn said...

I was going to do a post a lot like this a month or two ago but couldn't find any good ones. Nice work.

Still not quitting, though.

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Skylers Dad said...

Pretty amazing ads, probably considered too controversial for the US

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dizz said...

Dontcha hate when people dip into your brain and steal your secrets? Maybe after this Fridays post you might be more inclined to change your mind.. stay tuned

Recent blog post: These ought to make you quit smoking!

dizz said...

I think so too.. but ya know.. they might be more effective than just some words from a dude on the side ya know?

Recent blog post: These ought to make you quit smoking!

Nooter said...

smoking as a preventative measure against swine flu; nobody wants to be anywhere around you so you remain germ-free!

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MadMadMargo said...

Dizzy - These are all GREAT. Interesting, most smokers Latin American and European countries are generally chain smokers. Maybe this is why these ads really drive the point. I'd love to see the last one here in the US!

dizz said...

You are right! Your human must smoke huh? Poop puppy

dizz said...

I did not know they were chain smokers..

Like Skler's dad said Too bad these ads are probably too controversial to run here

Bee said...

That just makes me want a cigarette.

Jeff Tompkins said...

That sure is one fast-acting cigarette in the HKSAR picture. Impressive power.

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Funny Videos said...

Love those funny gags

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