Wednesday, April 29, 2009

...the humliated look on your dog's face...priceless!

These are all poodles that entered in some contest named Extreme Grooming .


St. Patrick's Day


Gone Fishing

Ninja Turtle


Fallen Soldier
(he is missing a leg due to cancer)




If you don't laugh,(or at least roll your eyes and shake your head in disgust) a dog
will come out and pee on your computer!


Did you think I was kidding?


Otin said...

Lmao at cockapoodle doo! HAHA!!

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Beth said...

You've given me some ideas for Miss Poopy! I could dress her up as a steaming pile of ....

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dizz said...

I thought that was quite clever myself

Recent blog post: ...the humliated look on your dog's face...priceless!

dizz said...

LOL! I can add her to this wall of shame when your done

Recent blog post: ...the humliated look on your dog's face...priceless!

blognut said...

Poor dogs! They look humiliated!

People are nuts!

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ReformingGeek said...

Oh my. Those poor animals. Yes, plenty of eye-rolling. Please call off the dog with the full bladder.

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Jo said...

In that top picture, I can't tell who received the extreme grooming, the dog or the owner (the woman in the middle)!

These dogs should be put in one of those damn dog strollers and then there will be absolutely no room for any more humiliation!

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Douglas said...

And now I believe in waterboarding again.

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Shawn said...

lmao @ the Clydesdale one. Poodles are so ugly, this is a good use for them.

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darsden said...

those are great ... love the last one.. looks like Eskimo Bobs new dog... LOL

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Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Yeah, pretty crazy stuff, really. We own a standard poodle, and I think that would just be so undignified for the poor little canines.

I do, however, think the artwork is pretty awesome, nonetheless.

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MadMadMargo said...

Cock-A-Poodle-Do?!? LMAO

We had a standard poodle that would hide for 3 days each and every time he went to the groomer. Oh, the shame.

SheBloggs said...

Oh! This is great! My dog would proably run behing the couch and kill himself if I did this to him! Very funny though!

Marissa said...

Loved the Clydesdale! If I were the dog, I would've been drinking that beer.

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Commercial Hate said...

the ninja turtle dog is priceless

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Jeff Tompkins said...

Hilarious pictures. But you know, someday these dogs will get their revenge.

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Otin said...

Other people reading this won't understand because this is out of context, but, A stitch in time saves nine, means that if you fix the problem when it requires only one stitch, then the problem won't get to the point where it needs 10 stitches! I think! LOL!

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Lana said... And I thought dogs wearing sweaters was sad...

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Riff Dog said...

These are actually pretty cool. Humiliating for the dogs, but dogs lick their own butts, so how much humiliation do they really care about?

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bub said...

i don't think that would hapen

bub said...

maybe 4

bub said...

no but sometimes it is sad when its hot and they have to wear it but when its cold I would put it on it

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