Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is your house an appliance hell?

It seems for as long as I can remember, appliances always come to my house to die more often than anyone I know.

It can be a simple thing such as a useless piece of plastic breaking off of the machine to a major problem such as opening the brand new item and it not working. It can be a large appliance or small appliance, it doesn't matter. If it comes to my house.. it will break.

It can be new, used or old.. there is no mercy.

I have a One Touch can opener, I bought it 6 months ago.. it quit working. It laughs at new batteries. Now I am back to the manual one. The horror!

The same thing happens with utensils, they always seem to get melted or broken. Pots will warp, glasses and plates get broken more than I care to say.

I just cleaned out one of my kitchen cabinets. I was so sick of the ensuing avalanche that occurred when I opened that cabinet door. I found at least 50 orphaned lids. Who the hell knows what happened to their parents. I wanted to take a pic.. but of course, none of my cameras worked.

Just recently, my glass top stove has acquired a big crater on one of the burners. I can't tell if something fell on it and it chipped or if something got super heated and melted the glass. Of course no one that uses the stove (everyone in my house) knows what happened. Yeah Right!

Please tell me I am not alone.. I would hate to think that I am the only freak that has been cursed.


Under the Influence said...

You're cursed. (Sorry.)

ReformingGeek said...

Uh oh. Please keep that curse on the your side of the Mississippi.

My ceramic cooktop has a small crater. I'm hard on cooktops.

Our fridge has been repaired more than once and we are waiting on yet another audio receiver that we got in December. We've had to send it back 3 times.

Anonymous said...

I went on a giant cleaning frenzy after our recent power outage. The trigger for this came when we had to use flashlights to see our way through the house. You want to see dirt?? Turn your lights off at night and shine a flashlight on all surfaces. MY GOD OF LINT AND DUST is alive and well and I decided to kill him.

Luckily every battery in every flashlight decided to dim and disappear. The refrigerator decided it liked the vacation and wouldn't come on after the electricity did. EVERY pretty cap on our 100 outdoor lawn lights flew down the street with the wind and our sump pump in the basement decided that it really LIKES being surrounded by water.

Yep. Been there. Done that. LIVE IT.

Anonymous said...

Wait, your utensils often get melted?

What you got welding equipment laying around to do the melting?

hee hee

Oh and lemme guess your safety goggles are missing the rubber elastic band that keeps it on your eyes.

Despite my jaw the hitting ground.

I'm a firm believer in jenga configurations in and outside of cabinets and drawers.

You know you move when thing and then it all comes tumbling down.

Makes life annoying. :)

Jen said...

You are not alone. You know all about my appliance horrors. Yesterday my coffee maker displayer errrr2 on the place that usually displays the time. I don't know what it means except it is not making coffee anymore. I don't have the manual because ...who keeps them? So I'm stuck making coffee in a coffee press. The coffee is good but I don't know how much I need to use in it and am a bit wired since I am now making espresso. I had an electric can opener once but it stopped working after about two uses. I haven't tried again since I have little real estate to give way to a useless appliance. The manual one I can toss in the drawer. Good luck, I'm here if you need to talk.

Poetry Sue said...

There is a secret scociety that is dedicated to the eradication of appliances... I think you might be their messiah

SkylersDad said...

And that right there is why I went back to doing laundry by pounding ot on a rock down by the stream and cooking whatever I can catch for dinner over a fire in the backyard.

The Queen said...

We have generations of that disease in our family.. We lovingly refer to it as


The Real Life Fairy Princess seems to have the worse case of it in generations. We point and laugh.

dizzblnd said...

Jo.. and here I thought you came to comfort me.. sigh

RG.. Are you sure? I really don't mind sharing ;) Good luck on that receiver.

Dana That's right.. I forgot about your flood. Do you have the T-shirt? ;P

WYD: I can just see you in a loin cloth and a big club.. not THAT one.. a wooden one.. crap.. one made from a tree

QL.. not a blow torch per se.. but the plastic ones get carelessly left on the burners.. and yes.. if I were to have safety goggles, they would not work right either. The Jenga effect SUCKS balls

Jen.. Finally someone to sympathize with me, I was beginning to think I was crazy. Maybe we should start our own support group

Sue.. I am beginning to think you are correct.. Jen and I are forming a support group ;)

Queen: Kitchenitis.. I like that. I will now have to give all things kitcheny fair warning before I buy them

Slyde said...

your definitly not alone. sometimes i think the things i buy have a shelf-life of about 1 week before they always break...

Mary Moore said...

No, definitely not alone. You should see our kitchen. In addition to appliances, we've got a floor that's dying, cupboards and drawers that keep falling apart, and a dishwasher whose paint is peeling off, exposing rust underneath. Just beautiful.

dizzblnd said...

Slyde that would be a record for anything in my house! Thank you for the support

Mary It sounds like you need Extreme Home Makeover ...maybe I'll write in and recommend you ;)

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