Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reader Participation Sunday

Here are the rules: On Sundays I will gather from you, my hopefully loyal stalkers and lost bloggers what I need to complete the Mad Lib. I won't tell you the title of the Mad Lib. It will simply say Reader Participation Sunday. I will ask my commenters for the required verbs, nouns, adjectives.. whatever. EVERYONE will give me EACH word I ask for when they comment or else! (for example, if I ask for 14 words, EACH of you give me EACH of the 14 words I ask.) Then I will post the whole story with the title on Monday morning with links of the words to the respective blogger. Like this one
If you don't get a chance to play today, don't worry, I will do it every Sunday and Monday until you tell me you are ready to gouge your eyes out. So stay tuned.
Simple enough? Good.
For those that may have flunked English or forgotten everything you have learned.. Here is a refresher:

Noun: Person, place or thing

Plural noun: More than 1 person place or thing, usually ending in s or es

Verb: An action word (etc run, jump, play)

Verb ending in "ing": see above, just add ing (duh)

Adjective: word that describes something (etc.. beautiful, quick, blue)

Adverb: Word that ends in "ly" it describes a verb (etc, quickly, quietly, hurriedly)

That's the basic English terms. If you've ever done Mad Libs, you know they ask for other things too. OK Got it? Here we go:

1. Adjective

2. Adjective

3. Noun

4. Noun

5. Noun

6. Plural Noun

7. Part of the body (YAY)

8. Plural Noun

9. Type of food

10. Noun

11. Obscure or weird Holiday

12. Type of exotic bird

Have fun and try to keep it PG-R


Under the Influence said...

Here it goes:

1. super-cool
2. sucky
3. cd
4. bucket
5. calculator
6. coupons
7. navel
8. palaces
9. hot italian sausage (hmmm, maybe that could have been the body part!)
10. snow
11. Easter Eve (we used to have Easter Eve parties!)
12. Toucan

*Just Jen* said...

1. Smart
2. Soft
3. Snowboard
4. Kitty
5. Garbage Can
6. Ice cubes
7. Earlobe
8. Mountains
9. Greek salad
10. Lamp
11. Ditch Your New Years Resoluions Day - Jan 17
12. Brown Throat Parrot

Patti said...

omg...i just got up and can't follow directions...STALKER!

SkylersDad said...

I just dropped by to say you have been tagged!

ettarose said...

1. Spicy
2. Bright
3. Fireplace
4. wood
5. Llama
6. socks
7. butt crack
8. globes
9. Guacamole
10. fork
11. "Don't step on bee's" day
12. Emu

Scope said...

1. smokey

2. sticky

3. VW Thing

4. pencil sharpener

5. Magic 8ball

6. toe nails

7. uvula

8. spider monkeys

9. Mexican

10. place mat

11. St. Crispin's Day

12. cassowary

Travis Erwin said...

1. Insane

2. lazy

3. rabbit

4. pencil

5. rock

6. sots

7. nostril

8. keys

9. spamburger

10. wallet

11. groundhog day

12. flamingo

Da Old Man said...

1. Billowy

2. Greenish

3. Dog

4. Football

5. Webble

6. Team

7. Nose

8. Cows

9. Artichoke

10. Tugboat

11. Joe Day

12. Parrot

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

OK, I'm totally confused. I thought we were supposed to only give one word. Also, at least one of your comments wasn't a word suggestion. I was prepared to give you a food item (#9) which was going to be tuna noodle casserole, but am I really #8 (which could be penguins) or am I really #7 (which would be spleen?). I just don't know.

dizzblnd said...

nanny I am sorry you are confused :) .. you are to give the each of 12 words like everyone above. This way there is no confusion as to what I am asking for ;)

Kate said...

Oh man, I am way to brain fried to even think about nouns and adjectives. But you totally seem like the kind of person who gets a kick out of mad libs!

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