Sunday, December 14, 2008

You want to name my kid WHAT?

I was reading Being Brazen's Blog (say THAT 10 times fast) and she had posted about baby names. It reminded me of how a complete stranger offered to name my baby.

When I was pregnant with my son, my husband Don and I went to T.G.I Friday's. Our waiter named "Guy" saw I was pregnant. He said, "as a free service to you, I am going to name your baby" (Great! This coming from a waiter named "Guy") "If it is a girl, 'Beatrice' (yeah like THAT'S gonna happen)
If it is a boy 'Beauregard' " (OMG) I looked at my husband and he was grinning ear to ear "Beauregard! I like that name, then I can call my boy 'Bo' " I looked at him and said "NO WAY" We thanked our waiter for the suggestions. We later settled on a different name.

Fast forward a few months later, right around my due date. Don went hunting in the woods behind our house. I had a high fever and we couldn't find him (this was before cell phones) My MIL had to take me to the hospital where they broke my water.

Don was found and drove to the hospital. A few hours later Hunter was born. We had settled on 'Hunter' long before the day he was born, I just found it quite ironic that his dad was the hunter when I was going into labor.

Fast forward 9 years later. Don brings a puppy home. Cute as can be. We start tossing names back and forth. After about 10 minutes, Don looks at me and says firmly "Beauregard" I was OK with that. Hubby was happy because he now had a 'son' he could call 'Bo'.


SkylersDad said...

You're so nice to let him name him.

HorribleLicensePlates said...

I hope that waiter reads this blog.

Julia said...

Some waiters are "great" like that, aren't they? They seem to always work at places with "flair" for some reason.

dizzblnd said...

YEAAAAH I thought it was nice of me too!

If he DOES read my blog, I hope he's satisfied that he got to name the dog.

Flair kills me!.. but I LOVED that movie

Remo said...

I'm more than a little disappointed no one has named their kid Remo yet. It'll happen,if I have to do it myself.

BTW I hear that dogs Mother was a real bitch.

dizzblnd said...

LMAO!! You kill me.. I was almost upset.. then I got the joke

If it makes you feel any better.. I have a nephew named Reno

Lee the MWOB Queen said...

My favorite thing about being pregnant was the incessant questioning about names and suggestions.

I refused to let anyone in on any of our name thoughts because I couldn't take the pressure.

And we always waited to see our kids before naming...I could never commit before I saw the face.

Poetry Sue said...

I'm a geek...

but not an uber geek. My son's father seriously wanted to name my son after James T Kirk from star trek. I refused. But then my son's god-mother said why not name him Daniel Jackson... after my favorite character from Stargate... Guess what his name is... yeah... We call him DJ for short

dizzblnd said...

Lee.. I am like that with the pets.. but for the kids.. MEH.. go figure!

Sue, if hubby had his way, his sons would be named Jack, Daniel, Teal'c (yes Teal'c) and his daughter Samantha... Good thing I didn't let him choose!

baby names list said...

Nice story! and a nice names for your baby and to your puppy. It was great. Thanks for sharing this great story with us, I enjoy reading this article.

dizzblnd said...

You're welcome I 'm glad you enjoyed it

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