Friday, November 14, 2008

When you are alone.. late at night..

do you ever google yourself? I google myself once or twice a week. Daytime, night time, alone, in public.. it doesn't matter. I will google myself ANYWHERE!

Now get your minds out of the gutter. I mean have you ever typed your name into the Google search engine to see what comes up?

I exist on the other side of the country, not full name.. but my married name. I apparently donated $300 to a political campaign. I was also project director for some Danny Glover thing Well.. not me.. my twin.


Babbington said...

Last time a friend of mine did this on my behalf, his remark was simply "Oh my god, you're everywhere. You certainly do get about a bit!".

I think I know what he was getting at. Er... at least I hope I do!

SheBloggs said...

I googled myself and b/c if my work my name is everywhere. Posted on the back of lab publications. So if your a stalker and you knew my name you could most definately find me at work..

Not very cool actually. lol

dizzblnd said...

lol bab... are you a whore??

She... that is kinda scary.. i am glad I forgot your name... lol I almost used it.

Babbington said...

Um.. Well, if I am, it's news to me! Why am I always the last to know, eh?! Lol

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