Friday, November 14, 2008

I crack myself up!

Yeah yeah yeah.. I know I ended my title with a preposition... BITE ME! It's my blog, I'll use horrible grammar if I want. ;).

Now back to your semi-regularly scheduled post.

I am a sarcastic smartass, I think it is an inherited trait. In fact, I have passed it down to my own children. Any chance I get to crack on someone, I will take it. They call me sarcastibitch at work.

Now that you know a tad bit more about my demented warped personality .. here is my story (think Law and Order intro...) BAH BA BUUUM

I was coming back to the office from Chik-Fil-A one day. I had a bunch of bags from the restaurant in my hands when I was holding open the door to our office for a co-worker who had also just come back from lunch (she did not go with me) She looked at my Chik-Fil-A bags and says "OH! Did you go to Chik-Fil-A?"

I couldn't help myself

I looked at her with a semi-straight face and said "Nope, I went to McDonalds, they were all out of McDonalds bags so they gave me these Chik-Fil-A bags instead... here's your sign"

I know I know.. it was mean.. but I knew I could get away with it with her laughing with me..and she did.

See.... she is our "Captain Obvious" in the office... you know one of those people that will leave her office to go to yours to tell you "It's raining" when it is pitch black outside, thunder, lighting and pouring so hard you would have to pull over if you are driving. You know... hurricane weather.

I did apologize even though I got a lot of laughs and high fives from my co-workers for "bringing down 'Captain Obvious'"
She said "Oh that's ok I get it all the time"

Please... share you "here's your sign" or other sarcastic moments with me.. I'd love to hear them!


HorribleLicensePlates said...

I hate hate hate the "captain obvious" license plates. MARYZCAR, MY JEEP, HERSUV. Wonder if your co-worker has one?

SheBloggs said...

I never heard it called 'Captain Obvious' before! Thats funny. I totally have one. I'm sitting at my desk typing away, and she's always like Shaurna your not at lunch!? Well no shit Sherlock!

dizzblnd said...

LOL HLP... I will have to check.. it might read DMBAZZ

LOL Shaurna... I am glad to finally now your name.

Annoying co-workers ask the stupidest things don't they?

acute_disaster said...

Lol, that's too funny.

I could've sworn I heard that same story somewhere else...



Babbington said...

The classic from my mum, staring up at the sky: "Gosh, that sun's hot today" and "That sun's bright".

Gotta lover her for it :)

dizzblnd said...

Ya think?? Imagine that a ball of fire in the skies a bajillion degrees... hot??? NO WAY!

darsden said...

I use these all the time... esp when somebody ask me what I am doing...(me sitting in a chair watching tv) I am on the 16th hole.. whuz up...

dizzblnd said...

my standard answer and one I just gave to my husband as he walks by and sees me on my 'puter "What are you doing?"

"Standing on my head picking my nose"


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