Sunday, November 16, 2008

Note to Self

Dear Self:

Do NOT under ANY circumstances mess with your layout again! It caused you nothing but frustration, aggravation and the discovery that you are an idiot and really CAN'T do all of the cool things you see on other blog pages. Sigh




Caffeine Court said...

Hey nothing ventured nothing gained. I ended up hiring a pro to rework my blog. Judith Shakespeare. She was really reasonable too.

dizzblnd said...

YOU are the whole reason I tried! I LOVE your layout... This is all YOUR fault!

LOL Well... now I feel a little better knowing a professional did your.

Seriously, I am jealous!

Your whole blog ROCKS!

Tamara said...

Hehe... I feel your pain. I am so clueless when it comes to design, programming etc... I just do words and the occasional pic.

dizzblnd said...

Yep.. that is exactly what I have resigned myself to doing. Oh well.. IF we ever got it figured out, they would change everything anyway

Babbington said...

Ah, the joys of blogging, eh?

My secret? Set up a random-looking blog, with random-looking content, and ensure it is run by random-thinking people... Readers will never spot the mistakes! ;-)

dizzblnd said...

Your right! There are no mistakes in your blog

SheBloggs said...

Hey I like what you did to your Dream watcher blog. The black n' blue is sooo.. "dreamy". lol

dizzblnd said...

Thank you.. I thought it was kinda fitting too.

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