Monday, November 10, 2008

So I am an undomestic goddess.. shoot me!

I HATE to clean house. I hate doing laundry, I despise ironing, I don't sew, I am not crafty.

What's the point in being a slave to your house? It is really a big waste of time. Seriously, why bother? With the hubby, 2 kids, 2 dogs, a cat (who all shed ENDLESSLY BTW) and 4 fish, (they make more mess than you would think). Why should I attempt any of it when it will look like I haven't touched it since last week in just a day's time? (a cop out? perhaps) Now, don't get me wrong, if the health department happened to come by, they wouldn't condemn it; but I wouldn't recommend eating off the floor either.

One night I did laundry. (Not by choice mind you, but I would get fired for going to work nekkid.) Within that load there was a pair of slacks and a comforter. The slacks got tangled up in the comforter. When I pulled them out of the dryer the next morning for work, they were wrinkled. I wore them anyway. A team leader says "you know, they have these things called irons" I said "I know" and walked away. We are a close, crazy bunch at work so her remark didn't bother me.
Later, she came up to me and apologized for "offending " me. I told her, besides not only can you NOT offend me, but I don't even own an iron. You see, all my life, "iron" was a 4 letter word, ever since one sparked and almost caught on fire when my mom was using one. She swore them off right then and there. So, I naturally followed tradition.

I have a friend that is a clean freak. One day, I didn't have to work. She doesn't work. Kids were in school, our hubbies were out of town. So I went to her house so we could go to a theme park. She says, "Wait, I have to clean up these dishes first" It was 3 forks, 2 plates and a glass. I made her leave them. She worried about it the whole way to the park and for about an hour after we got there. FINALLY, she loosened up, had fun and realized that the world wasn't going to end because there were dirty dishes in her sink. When she got home, the dishes were done. Her eldest daughter did them. All that worrying for NOTHING! She is the same friend that apologizes for her messy house. I go to the coffee table, straighten a magazine that is slightly askew from the others.. and I say "There! Much better" she of course rolls her eyes and starts telling me all she needs to do. I look around, and I see a clean house.. not because I am a slob.. but because, it's...for a lack of a better word.. spotless!

So you see, my friends, life is to short to always be cleaning. There is always something else I could be doing. Shopping, being outside, going to the movies, spending time with my family, or my mom and my friends. Oh yeah.... and interneting.

I am happy. Every once in a while it bothers me, then I do something about it. I cleaned and dusted the living room this weekend, did a few loads of laundry, but I didn't put them away. My teens stayed home from school today, so they spent the day folding the laundry that was done and washing and folded more.(however, now, if I want to sleep tonight.. which I do... I have to put them away, as they are covering my queen sized bed, and fight the urge to just pile them on top of my dresser as I normally do ..... sigh)
They also cleaned the kitchen (still can't eat off of the floors though) and their bathroom was cleaned by my son yesterday. They are great kids... but I think I mentioned that in a previous post.

Anywho, I am rambling now. I just wanted to share a little of myself with you all, so if you feel guilty for being undomestic as well... GET OVER IT!


Tamara said...

I will stack the dishwasher; I will wash the bath; I will do the laundry. I will even vacuum the carpets (if I must). But I will not iron. I blame this on a bad childhood experience (I decided to test if it was hot my sticking my palm on it. It was indeed hot).

So I am with you all the way, sista! Let the undomestic unite ;-)

dizzblnd said...

YES! We should have our own holiday!

kateykates said...

I hear ya!

SheBloggs said...

Wow.. I'm kinda the same way, but my husband is a wanna be clean freak, so I always have to have it somewhat spotless, or he'll have a hissy fit. And the IRON thing..I used to be a non-ironer, but then my husband who wears a freakin suite to church, broght out a steemer and that starch stuff, waiting for

Poetry Sue said...

Shebloggs... you need to have a sit down with hubby.. if he wants his shirts starched he better do it himself or take it to the cleaners. I'm sure you have better things to do than starch his collars...

Dzzblnd.. I say we start a petition for the undomestic goddess day to be added to all calendars right away... I'll write to hallmark and see what we can do...

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