Friday, November 7, 2008

They like us! They really like us!

My teenagers that is. See, we are young parents. Yeah yeah yeah he couldn't keep it in his pants and I couldn't stay off of my back.. oh shut up!

So anyway, we are 36 and 37 years old. My kids are almost 17 and almost 18. They are both wonderful kids! I am very proud of both of them. One is college bound, the other is very hard working and has a lot of career opportunities ahead of him. They are both respectful teenagers; kind of an oxymoron these days I know. But it's true. Yes, they are sometimes mouthy, push their limits.. typical teenager crap, but for the most part, they are a joy to have in the house.

The are not afraid to be seen with us in public. We spend a lot of time together at home and away from home. We have fun no matter where we happen find ourselves. We all act crazy, do silly things, dance, blurt out our inside jokes, and laugh hysterically about it all. We play Rock Band and other video games together. We are, as you might be able to tell, a close family. I love it!

How is this possible? I think it has to do with our age. Nothing against older parents, don't get me wrong. I just think that the closer in age you are to your kids, the better chance you have of having a close relationship with them. The younger parents are the "cool" parents. We're very laid back. We don't force them or pressure them to get straight A's in school. We know what each is capable of achieving. We HOPE for more, we tell them they can do better if they tried. But we don't ground them if it doesn't happen.

We listen to all kinds of music. Mostly rock, the new stuff as well as the classic rock. My son likes rock music. He listens to it all day and all night. My daughter seeks the unknown artists. She doesn't like a lot of the mainstream music. She LOVES Frank Sinatra. NO.. we do not listen to him at all. It is something she picked up and liked all on her own.

It's sometimes hard to remember we are parents. More often than not, we are friends with our children, but we DO know when to pull the parent card. I think that also helps our relationships with each other.

So.. all you teenagers.. go out and get pregnant now.. you will be a great parent later...

KIDDING! I do not advocate pre-marital sex.


acute_disaster said...

Aww, shucks.

I'm just kidding, of course.
I have no idea who you are.
Lol. Don't mind me.


Poetry Sue said...

I would agree on some aspects, but I would have to say it is probably not so much a numbers thing as a mental thing. My mom was 21 when she had me and my dad was 26. we are not as close in age as you are to your kids, but we had a similar relationship.

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