Sunday, November 30, 2008

She was hilarious

The Fruitcake Lady that appeared on The Tonight Show occasionally, died a couple of years ago. I used to love her when she was on. It's a shame, because she was too funny and called 'em as she saw 'em and didn't have to think about what she was going to say. I hope to be just like her when I am 90 something.




Comedy Goddess said...

Miss Puss. Kind of has a good ring to it.

Vodka Mom said...

OMG!!!!!!! I love love love this!!!!!!!

I'm sending all my friends over.


dizzblnd said...


I almost died when I heard Miss Puss.. "keep her clean at all times!" I about pissed myself laughing

Mom... she was the funniest guest on his show! I am glad you enjoyed it!

Sabrae said...


TattooedMinivanMom said...

Hahaha...Vodka mom told me I had to watch this video. LOVE IT!

dizzblnd said...

Thanks Sabrae and TMM for stopping by... I am glad you enjoyed it!

bernthis said...

Ok, what cave have I been living in that I have never seen nor heard of this gal until she'd dead?

Babbington said...

Ah Dizz - you've done it again. Just picked this up at the start of my long Monday... chuckling away to my self as usual :-)

You know, I might even have to give it some air time over at out little rant spot too!


dizzblnd said...

bernthis... don't worry, a lot of people have never heard of her. They don't live in caves either.

Babs.. always my pleasure to give you a chuckle....

that sounds dirty huh??

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