Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How accurate is YOUR horoscope?

I would have to say, based on what happened to me a couple of months ago, that mine is pretty damn accurate. I usually go to everyday to get my horoscope. I go there one morning a couple of month ago, as usual. For whatever reason, the full horoscope won't fully load on ANY of the computers.

Anyway, what did load said "Things are goo" That's all it said! WTF is that supposed to mean ?!?! I was soon to find out.

After I read that and repeated it to my son, I walked to the laundry room. My little dog has stomach problems.... lets just say I didn't see it and stepped in it. In my bare feet. BLECH.
My teenage son, who thought it was hilarious.. says "your horoscope did say 'things are goo' ". What could I do but laugh, while cussing the dog?

Has your horoscope ever been dead on like mine?


Chele said...

elle horoscope has always been so true to me. especially the whole year horoscope they come out with at the start of the year

Anonymous said...

Don't blame your dog....It was fate, according to your horoscope. LOL

Babbington said...

The truth is certainly out there... "Things are goo: Translation: Today you will find yourself in the s***". Lol.

Poor you. But of course, the way my little warped mind works, I have to ask - did you then proceed to have one of those comedy moments, hopping up and down on the spot, exclaiming "eww eww eww..."?

Oh, and would you believe it, I've just checked my horoscope on Elle (such a macho man, me!): "Too much time spent in front of a computer or tethered to your various electronic gadgets could be taking its toll on you now. Opting for a little tech fast might not be such a bad idea. If nothing else, limit the amount of time spent hooked into the digital realms. Get back to basics and try some nature on for size."

Hmm... ok, so we all know that I am rather involved with the old blogging lark. Damn. And my career revolves around its reliance on thechnology. Double damn. Ironically enough, I did get out into nature recently (have you seen 'Into The Wild - With Neville Cheestring' on my blog yet? he he)... but then I had to sit right back in front of my machines to complete the process!

What do these people want from me??!!! Lol

Nice choice of picture, by the way!

acute_disaster said...



No, my horoscope's have never been dead on. Thank goodness.

Oh, and that picture for this post is rather gross., but it's funny. Lol.

Good post.


Anna Lefler said...

Wow! Now THAT is a specific horoscope!

I'm going to start checking mine there, too. With my luck, tomorrow's will be: "Today will suc--"

;^) Anna

Slyde said...

That is both funny, AND disgusting...

how can that be?

dizzblnd said...

chele... I find that one to be the most accurate as well... I mean aside from this incident, it's usually pretty damn close

NH2... fate indeed! I just couldn't believe it happened like it did!

Babbs.. I did hop up and down on one foot, I can imagine that it looked really comical. Funny about your horoscope.. it really is quite accurate

and yes I did see the new post.. very funny!

AC.. There were MANY pictures I saw, but this one just seemed to fit better than the others

Anna.. you are too funny.. I wouldn't be surprised if mine said that.

Slyde.. sometimes gross is funny.. I am not sure why either

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