Wednesday, October 22, 2008

There ARE angels among us

About 5 years ago my aunt and uncle adopted 3 brothers that have a very abusive past. There have been ups and downs of course.. but for the most part the boys are basically good boys.

My uncle isn't in the best of health, and they don't have health insurance except through the militarty which may or may not pay to cover all of his needs.

The youngest of the three "Jeff" has a class trip coming up to Washington D.C. Of course it is expensive. My aunt and uncle would not be be able to afford it and Jeff knows this. He did not tell them about the trip because he has a big heart and knows it would be too much of a burden.

My aunt's neighbor called her to talk about the upcoming trip. She knows things are tight for them as well. She wanted to talk to my aunt about paying for all or a portion of the trip so Jeff and her son could go. My aunt, caught off guard, was flabbergasted because she knew nothing of the trip.

I am not sure what happened after the conversation, because I was crying out of happiness for this angel of a neighbor that would do something this big to make this desrving child and his family so happy.

I imagine though, that my aunt did accept the help. Her biological son also gave her money to help pay for it, and so did my cousin, who told me this story last night. I wish I could afford to help, but alas, I can not.

I wanted to share this beautiful story with all of you to let you know that there are angels living among us.

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