Thursday, October 23, 2008

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I have worked with my dreams for a very long time. I have read many books on dreams, their meanings and how to interpret dreams. I do not believe in the traditional "dream dictionaries/encyclopedias" . These will tell you if you "see the color green in your dreams, you will receive money". These books do not take into consideration the context of the dream, how you felt in the dream, how you felt when you woke up..etc. I created this blog to help you better understand your dreams, based on all of my dream work and past experiences.

I believe in the views of Carl Jung. If you are familiar with his work, then you will know his beliefs about dreams are more spiritual. He used to study under Freud, but after a while made his realization that dreams are a way to communicate with our subconscious, the spirit world, etc.

Everyone can feel free to chime in and offer their own opinions on any dream posted. Please do not post the nonsense from the afore mentioned dream dictionaries/encyclopedias. They do not follow my views. Please be respectful to each other, realize that we are ALL different, come from different backgrounds and we may not all agree on what dreams are/aren't. I reserve the right to delete a comment I find disrespectful, rude or hurtful.

I do not claim to know everything there is to know about dreams, I do not have any type of degree. I will NEVER claim to be right about something that goes on in your head to which I haven't a clue. I will just read your dreams and give my opinion based on what I know. I advise each of you to read up on dreams and work with your own. Write them down.

DISCLAIMER: Only the dreamer can interpret his/her own dreams. Outsiders, like myself can only look in from outside and give our views, opinions and suggestions.

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