Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are you a stubborn defiant child, or a mature adult

I don't mean temper-tantrum-crying-holding-your-breath-until-you-turn-blue-defiant-and-stubborn.

What I mean is do you purposely refuse to do someting because your spouse or S/O TOLD you or asked you to do it?
Do you do it because you look at them as an authority figure that "can't tell you what to do"?

Take me for example. my bedroom is a MESS. I have clean undfolded clothes piled on top of my dresser, stuff that I used to sell on greedbay scattered about the room.. it looks much like my room when I was a teenager. (I know I have childhood issues I haven't chose to deal with yet) My husband have given up on asking me to clean it. I think he realizes that my inner child is openly defiant and he won't get me to do it any faster.

Now.. he wil be out of town for a month in a half. He is leaving July 5th.

Will I clean my room and do other things when he's gone? Oh yes! I am tired of looking at it.. but it will be on MY terms.

In case you are wondering.. I have been very happily married for 17 years.

So spill it.. are you a defiant stubborn child.. or a mature adult?


SheBloggs said...

Yea man! I want to do it on my terms! I'm an adult, you don't have to tell me like a child! (reacting to my husband's anal demands)

I feel ya. He'd better go play clean up time somewhere else. lol

btw- congrats on 17 years!

dizzblnd said...

Awwwwwwwwww... thanks.. I am not sure how we managed not to kill each other.

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