Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not feelin Halloweeny this year

Which is a shame. I dress up every year. It's fun and Iget to be someone different for a day. Last year I was the dead groom to a co-workers' dead bride. THAT was fun, the year before, I was a whoopie cushion. Some people say my cousin and I look like sisters. She works with me, so one year I was her and she was me. We fooled just about everyone!

Not this year though. I am broke and just not feeling it. It seems to be the consensus of a lot of people. My company can not afford to sponser a contest this year. We are a non-profit service organization... so having to cut back... sigh

I hope you all are feeling Halloweeny though. It would be a shame to see nobody dressed up


HorribleLicensePlates said...

Being a die (one dice) is always cheap. All you need is a cardboard boxe and some black and white spray paint. Voila!

HorribleLicensePlates said...

Err box rather.

dizzblnd said...

Hey!! Not a bad idea!1 Thank you.. You have just renewed my faith in being frugal!

SheBloggs said...

I know.. budget is a thing too this year with alot of my co-workers. Here's a Homeade Halloween site:

Might be too cheesy, but some are crafty.

dizzblnd said...

Thank you! Those are great ideas! I shall see if I can do any of them after work!

Btw.. to get more exposure for your blog (cuz I love it!) And because the feed thingy isn't working right for your page.. look on my main page on the right and look for "world of blogs"

Email him a link to your page and he will feature it on his. I had quite a few more hits since he posted me.

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