Saturday, November 1, 2008

10 rules you should make note of if you are ever in a horror movie..

I was watching a movie last night called Incubus People were trapped in a lab with no way out, with a psychopathic undead killer that is being experimented on by some demented scientists.

As I was watching I was seeing things that I would remember NOT to do if faced with a similar situation

1. If the door squeaks when you open it DO NOT go in.

2. If there is blood on the wall and a door next to said wall, DO NOT go in.

3. When the flashlight is dying.. banging it on your hand does NOT help you see better.

4. If you have a working flashlight and you are in a well lit area.. TURN YOUR FLASHLIGHT OFF.. which leads me to the next rule..

5. When the flashlight dies... so do you!

6. When you have another person with you and you think you are being followed by one or more demented killers.. the other person needs to keep watching behind you.

7. Hear strange, scary noises coming from somewhere? GO AWAY FROM THE NOISES, NOT TOWARDS THEM!

8. If you have found the things necessary to get you OUT of this horrible place.. GET OUT NOW. Do NOT go hunting for answers.

9. Having the key to demented killer's cell is a good thing. It means he can not get out.

10. Because you are stupid enough to unlock said killer's cell and go in to pull all of his tubes to 'kill' him, doesn't mean he's dead... FOR GOD SAKES LOCK HIS DOOR BEHIND YOU!

These tips should help you survive if you find yourself starring in a horror movie, or in a real life situation similar to this one.

You're welcome!


acute_disaster said...

Lol, yeah, my dad and I watched that movie one time and it was indeed a train wreck.

The movie wouldn't be "scary" though if the idiots didn't do all that stuff.



Anonymous said...

Though I've never seen that movie, I have seen enough horror movies (which are all so cliche!) to know exactly what you're talking about...Great tips!

dizzblnd said...

Thanks nh! Thank you for following me too!

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