Friday, October 24, 2008


I was standing in line behind a teenaged boy maybe 16-17 tops. He had a hat on and was listening to his Walkman VERY loudly. I could hear that it was the speed metal type crap. He was shaking his head violently to the music. I thought he was convulsing. Turns out he was just really into whatever noise was deafening him.

Anyway, it was SO loud, one of the bank representatives had to tell him to turn it down because it was a distraction. She also told him to remove his hat before he gets to the teller. (The sign on the door that has been there for over a year asks to reomove hats, sunglasses helmets etc.) He says "since when can't I wear my hat in here?". . The rep politely pointed out the sign and told him its been over a year that its been there. He turned down the music, but continued his convulsion.

When he got up to the teller, he only removed one of the ear pieces and continued to bang his head while answering her questions. She asked to remove his hat. He said "what?" She asked to to remove his hat and the ear piece so they can communicate without any misunderstanding. He took his hat off of his sweaty head, and yanked his ear piece out. I couldn't believe it.

When he was done, he tugged his hat back on, put his ear piece back in.. stomped to his truck, and peeled out of the parking lot.

We were all flabbergasted..

Where is the respect for other human beings?

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