Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gettin out my Ya-Ya's

"Well it's Sunday morning and the sun is shining and my eye that is open and my head is spinning, was the life of the party, I can't stop grinning, I had too much tequila last night" (well ok.. it was yesterday afternoon.. but that doesn't flow so well)

Yesterday afternoon my daughter and I went to my Sis-In Laws "Kelly" (name changed to protect the not-so-innocent :P) house. Her dog isn't doing so well. He's part of the family too. We wanted to spend some time with him and help cheer her up because she has had a rough couple of weeks.

We got there about 3 o'clock. We had some melted Brie cheese, bread and fruit. MMMMMMMMMMM. Then we proceeded to have an alcoholic beverage.

Kelly's hubby was going to the hardware store and asked if we wanted anything. I blurted out "Tequila!" He laughed at me. But his Kelly asked him to stop by the liquor store and get some Tequila.

He did, and we began doing shots of Jose. Then we started playing Rock Band 2. Now, if you play that game regularly, you now how fun it can be to belt out lyrics, play guitar, and/or play the drums for hours on end. If you haven't ever played... GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GO BUY IT!.

We continued to shoot this liquid gold and play Drunken Rock Band. We then realized at about 7:30 (it felt like midnight) that we were hungry, so we stopped long enough to order pizza. (I am surprised our order was correct as drunk as I was when I ordered). Then we continued to shoot Jose and play this wonderful game.

Kelly was belting out Blondie's "One Way or Another" she was doing a great job. Her sister "Stacy" and I were on Guitar and bass. We were so into it that we forgot about everything else (which is exactly the point) When the song ended.. there was a hottie young pizza guy leaning against the frame of the open door (it was a beautiful night) He is grinning ear to ear and said "Did someone order pizza?"

We about died! I said "Oh my God.... How long have you been standing there?" He kept his beautiful smile and said "Only about a minute" He then told us that he, too was an addict! We paid him, tipped him well (for having to listen to us) and we ate. After that.. we were exhausted; Drunken Rock Band takes a lot outta ya!

We then lazed on the couches, now full and inebriated we could not play anymore.
By the time we left, it was only about 10 o'clock, but it sure felt like 2AM.

I cam home, drank a lot of water.. took some Advil and Viola! I am good as new.

Those days are GREAT.. you can let the stresses of life go for just that little bit of time and be happy. A terrific way to get out your "Ya-Ya's

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