Friday, October 2, 2009

Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness.. Quirky.. this one is for you!

Finally a comprehensive college certified Zombie Apocalypse disaster plan.

Students at UCF (University of Central Florida) in Gainesville have come up with plan to deal with the inevitable.

They put it in PDF form so that you can print it and have it with you at all times.

Here's the link

*This plan includes identifying zombie outbreak characteristics:

a. Disappearance of isolated citizens, initially in relatively remote areas;
b. Increasing numbers of gruesome unexplained deaths and disappearances, especially at night;
c. Identification of difficult to kill, flesh-eating perpetrators;
d. Recognition that the numbers of perpetrators is rapidly increasing and that those previously
identified as victims have reappeared as perpetrators;
e. Increasing isolation of survivors;
f. Breakdown of peace-keeping and medical services;
g. Documentation of lots of strange moaning.

They include links to other agencies who have prepared
the-underground-zombie-studies/); Stanford University (see http://wwwformal. others.

There is also a form for you to fill out if you suspect someone is a Zombie

Personal Information
Name: ___________________________________________________________ UFID: ___________
Work Phone: _________________ Work Address: _________________________________________
Work Department/Unit: _________________________________________________________________
Incident Information
Date of Incident: ___________________ Location: _________________________________________
This is to verify that at the time and place indicated above I was required to kill _____________________
(last name)
_____________________, UFID # _______________ because he / she was displaying the following
(last name) (if known)
symptoms of ZBSD, or Zombie Behavior Spectrum Disorder (check all that apply):
_____ headache
_____ fever
_____ chills
_____ other flu-like symptoms
_____ unresponsive to most stimuli
_____ moaning
_____ references to wanting to eat brains
_____ recently dead but moving again
_____ large areas of decaying flesh or open wounds
_____ lack of rational thought (this can cause problems confusing zombies with managers)
_____ killed and ate another employee:
(name and unit of other employee)
Based on these symptoms I killed
____________________________________________ using a:
(name of dispatched zombie)
_____ handgun _____ rifle
_____ shotgun _____ baseball bat
_____ chainsaw _____ piece of furniture
_____ explosive device - _________________________________________________________
(describe device)
_____ other - _________________________________________________________________
Dispatching Employee Signature: _________________________________________________________
P a g e | 6
_____________________ _____________________ ______________ ________________________
(last name) (first name) (UFID #) (unit)
(witness signature)
_____________________ _____________________ ______________ ________________________
(last name) (first name) (UFID #) (unit)
(witness signature)
_____________________ _____________________ ______________ ________________________
(last name) (first name) (UFID #) (unit)
(witness signature)
Reviewed by: ________________________________________ _____________________________
(name) (title)
Dispatch is: _____ Approved
_____ Physical plant has been notified to send housekeeping for cleanup
_____ Employee has been sent additional ammunition (as appropriate)
_____ HR has been notified to stop salary payments to dispatched employee and victims (if any)
Dispatch is: _____ Not Approved
_____ Physical plant has been notified to send housekeeping for cleanup
_____ Employee supervisor has been notified to write letter of reprimand for employee file
_____ HR has been notified to stop salary payments to dispatched employee and victims (if any)
_____ This is a first offence [If this is a repeat offence, employee supervisor should be notified to initiate
termination procedures. Improperly dispatching UF employees shall receive little toleration.]

You must check it out to get the full benefit... before it's too late!

*All of this comes from the link provided. I did no write it nor am I taking credit for any of it.


Slyde said...

THAT is freaking awesome!

so, you wanna go see zombieland tonight with me?

ReformingGeek said...

I love the form.

It was Mrs. White in the library with the lead pipe.

blognut said...

That's awesome! I'm printing this out and carrying it with me so I can be prepared!

otin said...

Zombies eat brains?? How can there be zombies in the south? There is no food source!!!! LMFAO!!!

SkylersDad said...

Great stuff!

Me-Me King said...

I'm afraid if you took the time to fill out this form you may run of risk of being the next victim. I'll just sleep with my shotgun.

Anonymous said...

It's University of Florida, not UCF.

Anonymous said...

I love it!

I was out of town, so I'm just now reading this one.

But I truly love it! LMZBO!

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