Monday, October 12, 2009

Mad Lib Monday: Prom Night Part 1

Today's post is a result of yesterday's post:

One of the first and finest major horror films of all times was called Mother Mary,
about a teenage snake who was wet. She went to Dizzblnd Academy for the Deaf, Dumb and Bloggerly Challenged and she got good grades in weeds and running, but she was always behaving objectively and did not like her fellow butt cheeks. This is because they did not like her. They all thought she was pretty and a politician.

So at the end of her senior colon, this girl was not invited to the slippery prom. All of the other students had dates and new panties to wear (who wears panties to a prom? hehehe) But treated their classmate as if she were really pink. And she behaved so delightfully it was horrifying.

Thanks everyone for playing! I'll try to do it again next Sunday if I remember!


Mango Girl said...

I LOVE your Mad Lib Mondays!

xo, Mango

A Mom on Spin said...

Sorry I didn't get a chance to play along.

Don't YOU forget next Sunday, 'cause I won't.

otin said...

You can always pick out my words. They usually have to do with bodily functions! lmao!

sherri said...

This was fun!

Me-Me King said...

Love it, can't wait until next week.

Jen said...

I love these, sorry I haven't been around much. But now there are so many more blogs I can meet!

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