Friday, July 10, 2009

I'd LOVE to fall for your scam!!! Where do I sign up?

We have all surely gotten a scam letter at one point or another. This one I have seen many times in my email and here in blogland as well. After getting it for the umpteenth time, I decided to respond to it. I made up a few new email accounts from a computer other than my home, sent these letters to the same email adresses, then closed the accounts. It was fun. Please feel free to spam her!

sentences in red are my response.

Hello Friend
, (if you were my friend, you know my name... nice try!)
My name is Belinda Tacey (Ms) I don't give a fuck who you are and I am employed by Lloyds Banking Group Plc in London.Which does not send bullshit like this My job entails dealing on behalf of clients with packaging and courier services in my department. It actually doesn't exist, what you are trying to do is illegal and you would be fired by now After going through your profile and doing a little research, I have seen that you seem like an honest and trustworthy person who can handle confidential business with me. If you really were my friend AND read my profile, you would know that I don't exist A sum of US$9,600,000.00 was supposed to be moved from my bank to a certain client through a courier services company. After doing all the process to move these funds, the package containing the money was returned back to me a couple of times over the years. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah sure! Reason being that the recipient did not turn up to receive or claim it. Probably because they were smart enough to know that this is bullshit and refused to be scammed I then decided to offset all the charges and serviced the account and later moved this money into a security firm here in London, where I securely deposited it into a vault as valuable documents to this day.Yeah ooook see... if it were me.. I would have spent it all by now and not shared it with anyone.. boy are you a stupid bitch! I have kept this money deposited with a security company here in England under my close monitoring for a very long time until now I feel confident enough to move this money and make use of it. Wow and you ... the ripoff artist.. are trusting a perfect stranger with this ficticious money? You are stupider than I thought!

My reason for writing you like this is I have decided to retire and resettle in your country and now want the money to be moved out of England to your country, where you will receive it and keep it safe for me until I come over to meet with you there.Oh yes!!! And I promise I won't spend a dime. Although I could sure use this money from my good friend..... what's your name again... oh yes Belinda.. how could I ever forget all the fun we've had? I need a trustworthy business partner and friend who will advise me on proper investments in your country and how I can live comfortably. Oh well hell.. you DEFINITELY chose the right person I can have it all spent before you get here and tell you how I did it. Sounds fun right? I have obtained and secured all back up documents to support whoever I chose as beneficiary to this money. I am 100% positive that those are REAL documents too right? Thank goodness, I sure want to do this legally. For your assistance and help in receiving and investing the money, you will benefit a reasonable part of the total money. How nice of you! Here I thought I was gonna get my account information and take my -$1000 yep.. I am completely broke!! I will give you my full contact details in England and I would appreciate it very much if you give me yours including your phone number where I can reach you. You got it! My name is Ima Hog my address is 3245 Kiss My Ass Ln Dicklick TX 88456 My phone is 459-657-5310. OH! and let me save you some time.. my routing number for my bank so this wonderful transaction can occur sooner is 597489783 and my account number is 6931785467896. I bank at 1st National Bank of Dumbshits. IPlease send your reply through my e-mail I am not sure which email address to use.. so I am sending it to and as well as BCC to the police and all of the other email addresses from all of your friends where I have also recived this scam

Best regards,
Ima Hog

new Mental


lizspin said...

I can't believe it! Can anyone be that dumb????

dizz said...

I have one better for you... I will have a new Mental post up later today

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quirkyloon said...

Great job Dizzie. You captured all of our disgust in wanting to tell these people off.


JennyMac said...

I laughed out loud reading this...dicklick texas caught me by surpise and made me laugh even harder. Thanks for distracting me from piles of works. Loved it.

blognut said...

I'm always tempted to write them back - glad YOU did!

Skylers Dad said...

Well done, and thanks for going through all of that work to entertain us!

Guest said...

I didn't know you lived in Texas, Ms. Hog. We do have a lot of hogs, asses, and dicks here, though.

Very funny, Dizz!

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dizz said...

Anytime! Thanks for checking me out.. I will be by your blog later :)

dizz said...

tHANKS.. IT REALLY DOES DISGUST ME THAT people prey on others and the destitute ones will fall for anything.. sad

dizz said...

Hey... feel free to copy and paste ;)

dizz said...

Sure thing! I woulddo most anything far a laugh speaking of which.. coming toyour place now ;)

dizz said...

LMAO you are a quick one Reffie girl. don't forget bout the chicens

dizz said...

Sure thing! I would do most anything for a laugh speaking of which.. coming to your place now ;)

dizz said...

Sure thing! I woulddo most anything for a laugh speaking of which.. coming to your place now ;)

otin said...

Sad part is, I know a few people that would actually fall for those letters! Obviously, I am not one of them, but lets just say that I know some people that need guidance! LOL!

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MadMadMargo said...

Bwahahahaha! Hilarious....Ima Hogg, Kiss My Ass Ln, Diclick, TX.
I can't wait to get my next spam letter!!!

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