Monday, June 8, 2009

I've started another blog

What's that? Why yes I am mental thank you for asking. In fact, my new blog is called MentalCSR. (or click on the link in my header.) It chronicles all things that have to do with my job as a customer service rep. Dumb callers, my crazy co-workers, dealing with telemarketers, or the dumb things that I do while in hell at work. On there now are things from this blog, there's only 15 entries, so if you are bored and need a laugh.. there you go. There is an email link on the sidebar of Mental CSR, so if you would like to be a co-writer, you can let me know.

I am taking a mental health day today to go to Sea World with the fam, so I won't be able to comment on your blogs.


ReformingGeek said...

Sounds fun! Enjoy your day off.

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Mango Girl said...

I will certainly read that... I worked in CSR for the Airlines ~ NEVER, EVER, again!

Enjoy SeaWorld!

Hit 40 said...

I am stealing the frog!!! You will find it on my sidebar. Let me know if mind.

I love the froggie!!! It just belongs on my blog!!!!

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MadMadMargo said...

Congratulations!!! I always enjoy your "work" related stories, I'll pop over and check it out.

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dizz said...

It WAS fun thank you!

Recent blog post: I've started another blog

dizz said...

I can imagine the funny stories you have! Sea World WAS fun thank you

Recent blog post: I've started another blog

dizz said...

I don't mind.. it was a poached picture anyway.. lol I thank you for linking it back here ;)

Recent blog post: I've started another blog

dizz said...

Thank you . I will post them there instead of her from now on

Recent blog post: I've started another blog

Slyde said...

i think thats a great idea for a blog!

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dizz said...

Why thank you sir ;)

Recent blog post: I've started another blog

Spaz said...

I'm taking a mental health life. My mental has left and I'm all there is now.


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