Monday, June 22, 2009

Do you CBC?

I try to do most of my comments in the morning before work. They tend to frown upon us using their precious computers for things like checking personal email.. myspace (we are banned from myspace) and porn. I know right? What the hell is up with that? If you can't have fun at work, where can you have fun?

I digress.

The first thing I do after peeing is coming to my puter with one eye open and see what you all did while I was sleeping. In between comments, I make coffee.

(Thanks to everyone for the reminder that paper towels, t-shirts and pantyhose make great substitute filters. When I run out of paper towels, T-shirts are next)

Yes.. I CBC. Comment Before Coffee. It can be awkward if not stupid. Without all of that glorious drug running through my body, my brain sometimes doesn't function properly. I end up sounding like a blathering idiot. Take for example this comment I made on Suzy's post today (which prompted this post):

"well WTF else were you supposed to think? I do the same stuff. I am happy everything turn out ok. Why do we do that to ourselves?
I loved the 80's hair! I miss my feathers. The surfer sweater to a wedding? Rock On!"

What the hell was that about? Nothing I wrote, read out of context made any sense. (who am I kidding? Even IN context it made no sense)

The grammar is horrible. I am happy everything turn out ok. Did I suddenly turn Chinese? That is totally out of character for me.

BBC (Blogging Before Coffee) on the other hand is OK. I think. On my blog I can ramble on, not make any sense at all and hope it leads to some good laughs. Nobody seems to mind. You all probably already think I am certifiable anyway.

You just nodded and smiled throughout this post entire like you do to a blathering toddler just learning how to talk or like a person with dementia that has just escaped from her padded cell didn't you?

Yeah well.. Lotus paper clip mouse YOU too!


Hit 40 said...

I leave my typos!! If you delete the mess, it leaves an ugly kinda hole.

....what are they going to do? Flag my blog because of my typos??

dizz said...

LOL sometimes I leave my typos.. other times its just SO bad.. I can't. Man I hope they don't flag blogs .. nobody would be able to blog

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ReformingGeek said...

No ones shud haves to apalagiz for ther coments.

Man, that's hard to do. I need more caffeine.

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dizz said...

LOL You kill me!

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quirkyloon said...

I don't CBC, but I CBDDP. Comment Before Diet Dr. Pepper! Ha! And I don't care how many typos are in a comment at my blog...I just live for ANY comment.

Heh heh

Yep, bloggers are the worst narcissists (sp?)!

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blognut said...

I don't usually CBC, but I've been known to do it a time or two!

SometimesLucid said...

I ama CBCing right now. In fact, I'm still in bed. Don't want to get up either.

Skylers Dad said...

I comment a lot before engaging the 3 remaining brain cells I own. Sometimes it results in funny remarks, mostly it results in a lot of "Is he eating his own poop" thinking...

And with your job as a customer service person, I think porn playing in the background would be a terrific addition to the quality of the call.

Suzy said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's what it was. I just thought you were drunk.

Suzy said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's what it was. I just thought you were drunk.

dizz said...

I know how you feel. No comment= everyone in the blogging world hates us!

Recent blog:=- Do you CBC?

dizz said...

I think I have actually seen a few of your CBC comments.. they were pretty funny

Recent blog:=- Do you CBC?

dizz said...

Lucky you! I wish I was still in bed.

Recent blog:=- Do you CBC?

dizz said...

I just chalk yours up to not using the "UB"

Can you imagine.. thank you for calling this is "bow chica bow boooow" LOL!

Recent blog:=- Do you CBC?

dizz said...

Shhhhhhhhhhhh ok ok You caught me. I deleted your duplicated comment here so no one would think you were the pot calling the kettle black.
You're welcome!

Recent blog:=- Do you CBC?

otin said...

LmAO! You got me pegged! I hate it when you have to blink 3 or 4 times to clear up the blurry morning vision so that you can keep reading! HAHA!

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lizspin said...

certifiable. Yup. That's what you are. . . with or without the coffee.

dana said...

So, is that why you don't visit MY blog CBC? Hey, I accept typos!


Michel said...

hahah! I do the same. Luckily (for me) I never stick around to see what I actually WROTE in the comments, so I live in blissful ignorance that I was witty, charming and trendy.

Whatever. It's early. Commenting is a lotta work man!

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Lola said...

I pretty much always CBC since my partner got this newfangled single cup coffee maker. I can do the Kcup thing, I get that, but we are out, so that means measuring into the tiny filter. That's too much work.

Recent blog:=- tag, I'm it!

Bee said...

I usually comment before bed. I read people’s posts and then laugh and try to come up with something funny but fail miserably because I'm so sleepy. But! I leave a comment anyway. Suzy’s sweater was totally ROCK ON!

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