Sunday, May 24, 2009

Changing my last name to Murphy.. again

So here it is, the end of May.. in Central Florida. What breaks down?? The A/C in my house.. again! Luckily, my husband is here (versus being out of town for 2 months) to do something about it. Last year at the end of June it broke too. Why does it break so often? Oh I dunno. It might have something to do with the fact that this house is about 40 years old and it is the original unit. Or maybe because our last name should be Murphy. We have a new unit already just waiting to be installed but of course there has been no money to make it happen. So we called the A/C guy yesterday to see what it would cost to fix the broken one. He estimated about 300-400 bucks :0 The we asked what he would charge to install the new one if my husband did most of the work (removing the old one building the new platform and enclosure.) He is a carpenter (thank God) so he has the knowledge to do so and do a good job. He asked us what we were willing to spend. I said $1.07 because that's all we have. Of course he laughed. Anyway, if hubs did the removal and prep work, the guy said it should cost about $700 Sigh. So now we are going to have to hold up liquor store to get the liquid courage to rob a bank to pay for it.

Luckily, it has rained all week almost non-stop, so that has kept it cool enough for us to stay here. If not for the rain, I would be sweating my balls off have to hunt one of you all down and stay with you until the winter. I would be invading you with hubs, daughter, son, myself, 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 4 fish. So you may consider yourselves lucky there is rain in the forecast all week.

Today is the first day we have not woken up to rain, I am hoping for more. Just over us, not the rest of the state.. we really can't handle much more.

How often does this stuff happen to you? Heat breaking in the winter- AC breaking in the summer or any other Murphy's law related shit that happens at such an inopportune time?


Marissa said...

It always rains or is overcast when I plan to hang out at the beach all weekend. But when I vow to go for a long run and start exercising outdoors, it never rains to foil my plan. In fact, that's when it's 90 degrees.

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dizz said...

Or.. the weekend is rainy and crappy, but while you are stuck in an office all day.. it is bright beautiful beach weather sigh

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Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Luckily, we've only had our air on a couple of times so far, but then again, we don't live in Florida. And then again, I like the heat.

ReformingGeek said...

I'm sorry to hear about your A/C! Hang in there or I can kick the cat out and your family can move in here. ;-)

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blognut said...

Yeah, Murphy's Law sucks that way. Good luck with the A/C.

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dana said...

Wanna talk about Murphy? We moved to Florida one month ago to get away from the gloom and rain in Indiana and brought it with us. I think there should be a statue erected to us in the town square: END OF DROUGHT BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE WYZARDS

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Being Brazen said...

Murphy's law bites

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Nena said...

Oh I feel for ya, last year around this time ours broke during the hottest week Texas has seen in a log time! Ontop of all of that I was pregnant! WTF I wanted to check myself into a hospital. I am sorry to hear your AC broke, we too live in an older home and my worry is now with summer here we are putting to much strain on our old outdated unit! Last year though I did go to buy a window unit the same day only to come home and find out it was to F'ING small for my damn BIG ASS windows! sigh..

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SheBloggs said...

O! I'm sorry about your cooling troubles! I grew up in a house that had no air, so my mom purchased a window unit for the living room. We blocked all the doorways with blankets nailed to the wall and camped out in the living room all summer. How ghetto is that!?

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