Friday, April 3, 2009

Gross Shit you wish you didn't know (Pictures)

Warning: Some viewers may find these images unnerving or offensive.

Still with me? OK Don't say you weren't warned.. scroll down only if you think you can handle it.. if not RUN AWAY!.. But please come back tomorrow.

This is a picture of a worm found in a patients eye

This is supposedly a brown recluse spider bite

These 2 are a dead frog found in a can of Kroger peas

I found these at Urban

The first picture is authentic, it is a live worm they found in a humans eye.

The 2nd picture is authentic, though they could not confirm that the wound was caused by a brown recluse.

The 3rd is true


Being Brazen said...


Poor froggies

Have a great weekend.

ReformingGeek said...

I can count on you for appetite control!


Under the Influence said...

Yuck. Not just a frog, but white shit on those peas. I would have guess they were frozen, but it came out of a can? I am going to be inspecting my Kroger goods from now on!

Douglas said...

That would explain the pea I found in my can of Kroger frogs.

Scandalous Housewife said...

Seriously, girl, how did you even know about this site?

dizzblnd said...

Brazen: I know.. I felt so bad for it

RG: Should I become Soggy-Doggy Diet Page?

Jo: I know it.. I'm not quite sure what to think of the white stuff either

Douglas.. How dare they give you a vegatable with your frog legs?

Scandy: Just lucky I guess.. I kinda grssed myself out first thing this morning.

Anonymous said...

I've worked twice for eye surgeons, so none of this made me..well, want to barf, but I must say I never saw a worm in the eye of a patient. We did have an eye explode due to unmedicated high pressures though. Get your eye exams folks and make sure you get your eye pressure checked ;-0.
I came over by way of Reforming Geek. ~Mary

Shawn said...

Can't...stop...gagging. And I had to quickly scroll right past the eye worm altogether. The frogs in the peas, though. That was quite disgusting enough.

Jenn Thorson said...

Oh ICK-- I actually felt relief for that person seeing the worm REMOVED. Like, "Ahhh... now that person might find a beginning to the end of the pain."

I do not like green frogs with peas
I will not ever eat them, please.

SheBloggs said...

A friggin worm in a eye!!?? How do you get that in your eye!? Yea, my stomache is pretty much flippin..

Lana said...

Although that is some pretty gross shit, I am not grossed out. Is that normal? Hmmm...

SkylersDad said...

I have seen these before, and I am going to link you to something else!!

Mike said...

When they ran out of cocaine they just licked the frog.

That's what the white stuff is right?

In the peas?


dizzblnd said...

Mary: How disgusting and scary and painful! I WILL make my eye appointment.. you scared me Thanks for coming by ;)

Shawn: At least I warned you. That eyeworm is STILL hard for me to stomach

Jenn: I can't even imagine how painful it must have been. I think I hear a childrens book calling you

Shaurna: I'm not sure I wanna know

Lana: I have the number to a good shrink ;P

Chris: Thanks for the link! I will look at it at home

Mike: Hmmmmmmmmm a new reason to LOVE peas

Jen said...

I was okay with the worm and the spider bite was no biggie, the frogs in the peas did me in. Thanks I will never eat canned peas again. Not that I ever did since they are disgusting without frogs but, well, ewwww.

Jen said...

Oh, my dad was an eye surgeon, never saw a worm but have seen one dangling out the socket. Pretty gross.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder WHEN they found the frog? I've never checked my peas prior to eating them......ribbit

The Queen said...

Scrolling up very careful to avoid the whole eye thing... yes.. that is a brown recluse spider my humble opinion..

How would I know that.. been there.. done that.. and so has Cletus... they are nasty..

dizzblnd said...

Jen: The frog didn't really gross me out.. the eye is what dd me in!

Dana.. I'm not sure, the article didn't say

Queenie: I have heard other peopl say they too have been bit and indeed it does look like that.. must have been painful.. I hope your other drugs helped ;)

Michael said...

Something tells me those peas are imported from France.

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