Wednesday, March 25, 2009

But I don't wanna grow up! Offensive material warning

I am watching South Park Bigger, Longer, Uncut. For about the umpteenth time. Now.. I will tell you my age... you must promise never to repeat it or i will hunt you down and ... well I dunno but just don't repeat it. I am 37... or I will be tomorrow anyway. Is it wrong that I find such moronic humor absolutely hilarious? Well I guess it can't be wrong, I am sure you all like it too, otherwise you wouldn't be following me. One of my favorite parts is when Cartman sings "Kyle's Mom is a Big Fat Bitch" then goes on to show how it would sound across the world.

My second favorite is when they implant Cartman with the device to shock him when he swears. I roll with laughter every time I watch it.

I never let my kids watch South Park even as 14 and 15 year olds, not they they haven't heard it all before in school, but because I still have my "good mom" image to uphold ya know? Also because the show is just so WRONG!.. It rivals only Family Guy (which I also love) in its wrongness. But they always watch that.. Yeah.. so I'm twisted in my "judgement calls" BITE ME!

Now my kids are 17 an 18.. They are great kids and I like to think its because of that judgment call I made about not letting them watch South Park.....

no I am not THAT delusional.. We are good parents.. we just never really grew up!

Is that such a bad thing?


Being Brazen said...

I dont think i would let my kids watch South Park either : )

dizzblnd said...

Good Choice.. probably shouldn't let them watch Family Guy either ;)

Mike said...

Of course, at the end when cartman uses his electricity it's a nock off of Dragon Ball, a really popular japanamation cartoon.

Which makes it even funnier.

dizzblnd said...

Mike.. thank you I did not know that Dragon ball or dragon balls I mean ballz

Scandalous Housewife said...

Have you seen the SP episode about the lice? "Kelly, climb the trees, climb the trees!!!"
It happened to be on after I had spend 4 hours combing those nit-shits out of my Baby Doll's long, thick hair a few years ago.
Effin hilarious!!!!

SkylersDad said...

I just love Family Guy, but I don't catch it (or SP) as often as I would like because my wife hates both!

And Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!!!

Shawn said...

I'm in the definite minority of people that just doesn't find SP funny at all. Family Guy I love, Simpsons I love. I don't know what it is, but SP just never did it for me.

Having said that, watch that shit until you're 85! I hate the phrase, "Aren't you a little old for that?" (Something I usually hear when I'm waist deep in the ball pit at Chuck-E-Cheese).

dizzblnd said...

scandy: i have missed that episode.. I will catch it on hula. I also keep meaning to go to your blog.. I will today I promise

Chris: I am SURE she will like at least Family Guy.. it took a while for it to grow on me.. but I know your humor.. she lives with you.. she should LOVE it Thanks for the birthday wishes. I will email you my address so you can send me my gift ;P

Shawn. REALLY YOU don't like SP.. I had you pegged for a SP fan.. oh well you are still good in my book because you like FG
I think I will actuially request to have all the reruns piped into my coffin 6ft under Thanks for the idea!

SkylersDad said...

A little something I dug up just for you!

dizzblnd said...

LMAO! I LOVED this. Stewie is the BEST! I won't make you ail a birthday present know.. thats some fast thinking on your part!

Thank you for the lunch time laugh.. back to hell I go now

Sass said...

I love South Park...but the older South Park episodes were much better...

And no, my kids will NOT be watching these...for a loooooong time.

ReformingGeek said...

I'll admit to laughing at South Park and I'm almost 10 years older than you (or I will be on Monday).

I've never seen Family Guy!

The Hussy Housewife said...

I am with ya..I don't and won't ever grow up. The song is great and funny no matter how many times you watch it!!

I am a not so big..not to fat bitch and proud of it!

Da Old Man said...

I'm a few years older than you, and watch South Park and Family Guy all the time.

bernthis said...

nice motherfucking video Happy birthday honey

dani c said...

Happy Birthday Dizz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me-Me King said...

Fortunately, my kids were grown and gone when these shows first aired. (I love them both!) The only show I forbid my kids to watch was Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. I dunno, this show was so wrong on so many levels.

Happy Birthday dear Dizzy
Happy Birthday to you...and many more!

dizzblnd said...

Sass: I agree, they were a lot funnier. Still ok today but meh

RG: I KNEW there was a reason we got along so well. Aries RULE!

Jamie: I think the younger you act, the longer you live.

Joe: That is good to know, I LOVE people who share my sense of humor especially when they are older and wiser than I ;)

Jessica: Thank you for birthday wish.... your comment made me laugh

Dani: Thank you!

Me-Me : OMG are you my mother? She never let us watch Mr Rogers either, for the same reason.
Thank you for the B-day song, sung in perfect tune!

Anonymous said...

Catching up on my blog reading, but have to say love both South Park and Family Guy but earlier episodes of both much better, although FG got rolling in about its second or third season. My wife and I though love the South Park movie. Have you seen Team America: World Police? Another hilarious movie by the creators of South Park.

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