Friday, February 20, 2009

Please help my daughter win a scholarship for college

See, we weren't smart enough to save for college when my daughter at The Water Bottle was little. Who knew? Besides.. we needed to eat. Now, our colleges who have the lowest tuitions in the nation have thought it would be a great idea, that in this time of the world going to the economic shitter, that they are going to raise their tuition rates by 15% a year until they are even with the rest of the nation. Greeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat idea jackasses.. make it even MORE difficult for our kids to get into college..sigh God knows we can't afford it.. Please help it will only take a few clicks , very little of your bloggy addiction time, and I promise you'll get an invite to her college graduation ;) and the big party full of booze afterwards.

I hacked into her blog to steal her html codes and stuff from her blog yesterday because I was too freaking lazy to do it all myself.

Okay, if you read the post below about me having a chance to move to the semi-finals in this $20,000 scholarship tourney, good. (if not click on the link)

Sadly, I didn't move on to the state rounds, but because is so FREAKING cool, they're giving the people who didn't make it other chances.

Because I don't have time to make a cool scholarship video, or create the biggest group on Facebook or Myspace, I figured I could reach out to my fellow bloggers and get them to sign up to under me as a reference.

If this doesn't work, then I'll take advantage of the other two options, if necessary.

The thing about the invites, is the most invites a person gets, they are automatically entered into Regionals, which is huge. It's the final round where Zinch users vote.

So, fellow bloggers, would you care to help me? I could reh-heh-heheaaaally use this money for college.


If you're a college student and need money, sign up! This website has plenty of scholarships for you to enter.

If you have COLLEGE-BOUND kids my age, GREAT! Get them to sign up too! Your kid can showcase themselves for colleges out there, and all they have to do is fill out a profile of everything they've done throughout high school.

If you're an adult and already did the whole college thing. . . .well, that's up to you if you feel like signing up and helping me out. (you don't have to fill out the required info after signing up.. just continue through the steps)

Click the big, blue, button BELOW to sign up .(or grey, if you're color blind. Lol.)




Under the Influence said...

Good luck with all of this! I freak when I think about us paying for college in SIX years, let alone NOW. I also freak, just a little, when I see all three kids college funds have gone down by HALF this past year. At least the funds have some time to recover, though!

dizzblnd said...

Thanks Jo It's scary, and it's not going to get any better! Start saving now..... Join

Lee of MWOB said...

I personally have already given up on saving enough money for college and my kids are still little. I'm figuring they'll figure something out just like your daughter is doing!! She rocks!

Happy Friday and sorry I'm so MIA recently - I'm drowning in words...


ReformingGeek said...

Yikes! Everything has gone up. Good Luck to her!

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