Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fitting a Square Peg into a round hole

This is the equivalent of what I tried to 6 months ago. Keep in mind I am a blond female (I love the hair color excuse)

I needed new garbage cans. So I went to a Home Depot that was not the closest to me (the one closest to me was impossible to get to because of all of the flooding caused by T.S Fay) Anyway, instead of buying 1 HUGE can with attached, hinged lids and wheels at $65 each, I thought, "What the hell.. they're only $65 I'm made out of money, should get 2." I have a Chrysler 300M Special. Roomy. I thought, I can fit 2 in my car.

So I paid for them and my mom and I proceeded to (try) to put them in the car. In the rain. The 1st one fit with no problems. I thought YAY! I can get the other one in too.

So for the next 20 minutes we twisted, turned, shoved, pulled, cussed, and laughed while we attempted to get the 2nd one in the car. It wouldn't fit inside the first one as my blond brain thought it would, because the lids stuck out to far and wouldn't close causing the door not to shut. It would it fit in my trunk, even though the trunk is big enough to hold 12 bodies a lot of stuff.

2 men walked by and were laughing. I told them to shut up or help. They kept walking and laughing.

Finally, I resigned myself to just leaving the 2nd one there and coming back for it later, since I already knew 1 would fit.

I thought it would be as easy as me taking it in, explaining what happened, and they hand write my name on a piece of paper and taping it to the can.

Of course, I was wrong about that too. The woman had to enter it into the computer. This was apparently something she has never done before. It took her and another person 20 minutes to figure out how to do it. Meanwhile, my mom, who's stomach now hurts from laughing too hard, calls me from the car and tells me to just get my money back. I wasn't about to go that route. The woman was already pissy about my stupidity anyway. Besides, it was the principle of it all. I bought them there, I was going to bring them home from THAT store. She finally finishes, give me 4 pages of paper work (remember.. this is a GARBAGE CAN not a child) and sends me on my way.

I went back 30 minutes later to get it. It was raining, only MUCH harder than before. I thought I can just show my receipt, my paperwork, and be on my way. That's what I brought into the store with me. Notsomuch. It was a different person, who ALSO had never released a child garbage can into someone else's custody. She also had to get someone to help her. 10 minutes later, she says .. "ok.. now all I need is your drivers license" shocked (which I did not bring in the store with me)

I said... "It's a freaking garbage can, not a child. Here is my receipt, my 4 pages of paperwork that I waited 20 minutes for to leave it here in the first place, my garbage can is right there.. with the sticker from the aforementioned paperwork. I am leaving now." I left the paperwork after showing her my receipt, (she's yelling at me the whole time) shoved the can in my car in the wind and rain... and drove home extremely wet and aggravated.

All because I tried to fit a square peg in a round hole.


SkylersDad said...

My practical, engineering trained brain feels the need to point out you could have put one can into the second and they would have fit into the car.

ReformingGeek said...

I was going to analyze and give you my opinion but I refrained. I'm surprised those guys didn't stop and "tell you how to do it" as they seem to love to tell people how to do things. ;-)

Maybe I should post about the time I lost my car......

dizzblnd said...

WYD.... yeah... I tried that.. but because the lids were hinged AND attached.. it wouldn't work TRUST ME. You muusta missed the part where i said "It wouldn't fit inside the first one as my blond brain thought it would, nor would it fit in my trunk"

RG: Nope.. they wouldn't tell me how, they just pointed and laughed
YES please post that about your car.. make me fell better.

Sabrae Carter said...

Wow... I worked at home depot and we never had to do all that!!! lol

KiKi said...

hahahaha! Love this! Totally sounds like something that would happen to me. I'm still trying to figure out why it wouldn't fit! :-P

Beth said...

All that for just two garbage cans?! Did you name them? And were they buckled in as you drove them home?


dizzblnd said...

Sabre.. insane isn't it?

Kiki.. thanks for laughing with me in sympathy at not at me

Beth.. it was the most ridiculous thing EVER ...maybe I should name them

Mary Moore said...

Wow. I thought I was bad... :o)

JunkDrawer Kathy said...

OMG this would so have happened to me! And I wouldn't have even thought to stack them and I'm not even blonde, so feel very sorry for me. "Shut up or help." Love that! Oh, my dear, you have my deepest sympathies. Being wet makes everything worse, too. But I'm glad you could all bust a gut laughing about it.I know I did :)

Bee said...

I would have just tied it to the roof of the car. ;o)

You're right, it should have taken them that long just to hold your garbage can.

Matt said...

People just strap junk to the roof in my podunk town. Mattresses, lawnmowers, etc.

Tamara said...

I would have sent mom home with one and waited in the store with the other until she came back.

Classic story though. I hate those dudes that just walk by laughing. And they're always there when we do something stupid, have you noticed that?

Kate said...

Ha - Atleast you ended up getting both cans! And yeah, those garbage cans are quite spendy - holy cow. Maybe there was a child in there.

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