Sunday, January 4, 2009

Reader Participation Sunday

Sunday will be the day I will gather all of my words needed for my Mad Lib Mondays

Here are the rules: On Sundays I will gather from you, my hopefully loyal stalkers what I need to complete the Mad Lib. I won't tell you the title of the Mad Lib. It will simply say Mad Lib Monday. I will ask my commentors for the required verb, noun, adjective.. whatever. Everyone will give me everything I ask for when they comment or else! I will then go down the comment list and pick the first word from first commentor, 2nd word from second commenter.. etc until I get all I need. Then I will post the whole story with the title on Monday morning with links of the words to the respective blogger. Simple enough? Good.
For those that may have flunked English or forgotten everything you have learned.. Here is a refresher:

Noun: Person, place or thing

Plural noun: More than 1 person place or thing, usually ending in s or es

Verb: An action word (etc run, jump, play)

Verb ending in "ing": see above, just add ing (duh)

Adjective: word that describes something (etc.. beautiful, quick, blue)

Adverb: Word that ends in "ly" it describes a verb (etc, quickly, quietly, hurriedly)

That's the basic English terms. If you've ever done Mad Libs, you know they ask for other things to. OK Got it? Here we go:

1. Plural Noun

2. Noun

3. Noun

4. Part of the body (snicker)

5. Plural Noun

6. Adverb

7. Noun

8. Adjective

9. Adjective

10. Noun

11. Noun

12. Last name of person in room

13. Noun

14. Noun

15. Adjective

Try to keep it at least PG13 - R

Have Fun!


Em said...

I'm happy to play along!

1. Plural Noun - dogs

2. Noun - bus

3. Noun - radio

4. Part of the body (snicker) - belly button

5. Plural Noun - tables

6. Adverb - slowly

7. Noun - lemon

8. Adjective - delicious

9. Adjective - quick

10. Noun - pillow

11. Noun - computer

12. Last name of person in room - Larson

13. Noun - cup

14. Noun - shorts

15. Adjective - odd

Comedy Goddess said...

Great idea! I just need another double cappucino before attempting. Good luck!

dizzblnd said...

Take your time! Get a clear head!

Kim & Co. said...

1. diamonds
2. book
3. frisbee
4. va-jay-jay
5. roads
6. lovely
7. picture
8. wonderful
9. sucky
10. food
11. ink
12. Smith
13. post-it note
14. swing set
15. funky

Can't wait to see the results!

dizzblnd said...

Thanks Kim.. is your new blog not up yet?

Under the Influence said...

I am officially up and running!

dizzblnd said...

I JUST found you!

Lee the MWOB Queen said...

Holy crap - I'm giving this a shot although my brain is working a little Sunday slow...

1. Plural Noun - ornaments

2. Noun - tree

3. Noun - candle

4. Part of the body (snicker) - boobs - (sorry it's what my house is all about these days)

5. Plural Noun - guitars

6. Adverb - slowly

7. Noun - refrigerator

8. Adjective - shiny

9. Adjective - angelic

10. Noun - child

11. Noun - carpet

12. Last name of person in room - Fancypants

13. Noun - horse

14. Noun - penguin

15. Adjective - spiky

Wow - those were kinda whatever but maybe in the grand scheme of things - it'll whirl.

Da Old Man said...

It seems I need to do them all. OK, here goes:

1. Plural Noun - Watermelons

2. Noun - turnip

3. Noun - school

4. Part of the body (snicker) - elbow

5. Plural Noun - elephants

6. Adverb - Rapidly

7. Noun - girl

8. Adjective - voluptuous

9. Adjective - smelly

10. Noun - cankle

11. Noun - voilin

12. Last name of person in room - Distelfink

13. Noun - ointment

14. Noun - football

15. Adjective - Fiercely

David said...

1. Plural Noun: passages

2. Noun: photograph

3. Noun: punctuation

4. Part of the body: Pancreas

5. Plural Noun: reindeer

6. Adverb: brusquely

7. Noun: thespians

8. Adjective: reubenesque

9. Adjective: blushing

10. Noun: motorcar

11. Noun: bridezilla

12. Last name of person in room: Whancher

13. Noun: chauffeur

14. Noun: rhododendron

15. Adjective: swimmingly

dizzblnd said...

Thanks for playing everyone! If I get no more responses, I will just cycle through again David.. do you have a blog page I can link to, or are you a voyeur.

kateykates said...

Plural Noun: crackers

2. Noun: phonebook

3. Noun: shirt

4. Part of the body: little toe

5. Plural Noun: sheep

6. Adverb: venomously

7. Noun: crayon

8. Adjective: sheepish

9. Adjective: sweaty

10. Noun: crumpet

11. Noun: bowlingball

12. Last name of person in room: Chambers

13. Noun: an official Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time!

14. Noun: paperclip

15. Adjective: seductively

ettarose said...

1.Viet Cong
5.Garbage Man
Am I too late?

dizzblnd said...

LMAO @ 13 Katey

Ettarose.. I squeezed ya in!

Thanks again everyone

David said...

Thanks for asking if I have a blog to credit me for my mediocre suggestions - but no. I'm just a reader, commenter and lurker.


dizzblnd said...

OK I was just checkin.. thanks for letting me know . They weren't mediocre.. they were great!

Anonymous said...

I fear I am too late, but what the heck. Here goes.

1. Plural Noun-Books

2. Noun-ticket stub

3. Noun-hot dog

4. Part of the body (snicker)-uvula

5. Plural Noun-farts

6. Adverb-badly

7. Noun-pimple

8. Adjective-ferocious

9. Adjective-gangly

10. Noun-buttock

11. Noun-cleavage

12. Last name of person in room-Sinatra

13. Noun-ox

14. Noun-worm

15. Adjective-wrinkled

BTW, I have something for you. Check it out at my blog, k?

dizzblnd said...

QL... Alas you are to late for this week, but next and Sunday, I will be doing this until we get bored with it Thank you for the award! I am honored and will display it proudly!

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