Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Favorite G's

No I'm not talking about peeps or homies or even money. I agreed to play a fun little letter game. Jen at "Because I Could Never Keep Up with a Diary assigned me a letter and I have to list 10 of my favorite things starting with the letter "G" So, in no real order EXCEPT the first one.. here goes..

1. G-spot (need I say more?)

2. Gonads (In my best Homer Simpson voice "mmmmmmmmmm gonads" droooooool)

3. Gabbing (Duh! I am Woman)

4. Gadget (blogger, not Inspector... well OK him too)

5. Gesture ..|.. (that one's my favorites; an on-line 1 finger gesture)

6. Gutter (that's where my mind usually is)

7. Gyrating (see #6)

8. Griping (another word for bitching)

9. Grouch (as in Oscar the...)

10. Games (head, card, board, online.... I like all types)

That was fun! If you would like to play.. let me know and I will assign you a letter too!


Vodka Mom said...

let's see....

Gary Bussey
Goo-Goo Dolls
Guitar Hero
Gummi Bears (yummy)
Galoshes ( love that word)
Grumpy Old Men

dizzblnd said...

DOH@! How could I forget Guitar Hero..

I'll assing you a different letter and if you want you can pust it on your blog... I bestow upon you the letter "M"

*Just Jen* said...

"G"REAT!!!! That was fun, I love your list!

ReformingGeek said...

Good job. I want to see what the person with 'Q' comes up with!

SkylersDad said...

That was just Groovy!

Poetry Sue said...

wow... That is a great idea! I would love to get in on the game. I think it might be good for me right now. and thanks for the support!

Anonymous said...

I this ..l.. flipping me the bird??

Me likey.

Have you seen this one?


I think I made it up.

And Black Betty made up this one (*)

Can ya see it?

SheBloggs said...

GGGreat GGGame lol

I think Gspot is my fav, however I have yet to even find the damn thing. lol

Julia said...

I love #5. I have never seen it that way.

I want to play too. Please assign me a letter (not Q or X).

AngieSS said...

Hahaha cute list. G-spot definitely deserves #1 ranking. I would have also included can never have too many of those. :)

Ann's Rants said...

Don't forget 'Gina! As in VA, not as in Rowlands. My closest girlfriends and I have a habit of calling each other Gina. Like "Hey Gina!" or "Hey Gin!" Our kids are getting old enough now that we need to cut it out.

dizzblnd said...

so many comments, so little time

I missed some good ones, It was fun though

Thank you all

Sabrae Carter said...

loved your first one! g-spot!!!

Kate said...

This is a great game! I think I'm up to the challenge as long as I'm not the weirdo who ends up with z.

Me said...

What about Homey-G

Tamara said...

A letter, if you please?

dizzblnd said...

Me.. (No I'm not talking to myself)
Since Homi G starts with an H I didn't use it, But I DID link it to urban dictionary

Tamara.. Your letter is in your comments on todays post... now you have something to post tomorrow

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