Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What do you mean there's no Xylophone Yogurt Zoo?!?

On our trip to NC to visit M-I-L for Christmas, I started a scavenger hunt list. These were to be hunted while in the car for 8 hours. Among the items I added; roadkill, abandoned cars, hubcaps, military vehicles, fish and a giant sombrero. Then, in Georgia, I saw something unusual while traveling down the interstate, a porta-potty in the construction lanes. So I added that to the list. I counted 15 of them; they were placed every quarter mile or so. The roadkill count was surprisingly low as were the other items. But then, I hit the jackpot. In a field off the side of the interstate was a porta-potty farm. Hey, I was as shocked as you are, I didn't know they grew them, but there they were, planted in the field. I could count at least 50, but there were so many more. Then another few miles down there was a military vehicle farm. There were 20-30 of them. Who knew? I also counted 4 fish. Granted, they were on billboards, but there they were fish none the less. Oh yes.. 2 giant sombreros were also counted.

While we played scavenger hunt, we also played the billboard alphabet game. You know, that annoying game. Everyone has their own rules, but if need be, I will explain the basics (just ask.) It gets kinda confusing playing both games at once, because sometimes you are so focused on finding the next letter that you miss the road kill. Or sometimes there are no billboards for quite a while and nothing to find on the list, so we forgot we were playing both games.

Anyway, as hard as we looked, we could find no low-riders, dead bodies (thank God) (there's a story behind that addition, but that's for another post), or shoes. Surprisingly, there is also not a single Xylophone Yogurt Zoo in the southeast to help finish the @!%&ing alphabet game.

It was a great trip, but I am glad to be home. I hope you all stay safe tomorrow night! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Ann's Rants said...

You are one of those creative uber-moms teeming with creativity. AND your funny! Happy New Year. Oh, I'm a humor blogger now too.


dizzblnd said...

Thanks Ann.. I am not usually creative on-the-spot.. but it worked! I saw your scrolling banner Congrats! I will go over and rate you soon ;) Happy new Year

Comedy Goddess said...

You would think that the people who makes billboards would have the decency to include all the letters! Jeez!
Happy New Year!

dizzblnd said...

I think that will be my next job. I WILL include all letters needed

kateykates said...

Sounds like you had fun!!

Under the Influence said...

I'll let you know when we open our Xylophone Yogurt Zoo so you can keep up your alphabet game when you drive through my neck of the woods!

dizzblnd said...

It was a much needed vacay Kate!

BUI ..Oh Thank goodness.. I was beginning losing faith in humanity! LOL!

Lee the MWOB Queen said...

Nice to have you back around....Happy New Year lady!

dizzblnd said...

Thanks Lee, it's great to be back Be Safe tonight!

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