Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm IT

What is IT? No No... It's not Limp Bizkit It is me. I have been tagged twice. Today is the first chance I have had to give someone else this fun disease.

I apologize to the first blogger who tagged me about a week ago. I forgot who it was and I have driven myself nuts going back in everyone's posts to see who it was. So if you come back and tell me, I promise will give you props!

The second person to tag me is
She Bloggs She is a very gracious blogger and a very funny, random person. Go check her out

BAH who needs rules.. I am trying to tag newer bloggers who are funny but don't have too many followers, but you can tag someone you like.. give em love and send people their way. If you are feeling incredibly thoughtful, give them an award too!

My first tag and award goes to The Water Bottle
It is fun to read her blogs and watch her try to figure out who she is (do any of us REALLY know who we are?) as she tries to survive high school and then go to college.

Secondly I am tagging Slow Day at Work. He is really funny, he tells about funny things that have happened in his past and present jobs. He has a second blog too Spam from Fam where he shares funny and interesting emails he has received.

Thirdly World of Poot. This is an interesting blog. You get to follow the escapades of Neville Cheestring a dentally challenged guy as he tries to figure out how to survive. WOP also does random funny videos and other bits.

Fourthly (yeah yeah yeah fourthly is not a real word but it's MY blog I can say what I want)Logical Nonsense.She is another intelligent high school girl with very funny observations on life.

OK I did my duties I am no longer "it" well yes I am.. I will always be "it" HA!

All of you are welcome to this award from me, because if I didn't think you were funky, I wouldn't be stalking.. uh.. following you


acute_disaster said...


That means so much to me! Really!

Man, you just totally made my day, Dizzblnd.

Thank you again.
You rock!



SheBloggs said...

LOL Taggin brings so much bloggy happiness! THANKS lady!! <3

dizzblnd said...

you both are welcome I love blogginess!

Poetry Sue said...

Happy Blogginess through tagging? isn't tagging the aka for graffiti? or is it a game played by young children?

dizzblnd said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I think its a both... however, I never played graffiti tag as a kid LMAO I kill me!

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