Friday, December 12, 2008

Great Christmas Fun Blog Posts

TGIF! Its been a rough week for a lot of us. All because its a Full Moon week! I have been keeping up with all the blogs on my blog roll and I would like to share with you the posts I found especially funny.


Spam From Fam (AKA Just a Blogger If you don't follow both of his blogs.. you should!) shows a hilarious 12 Days of Christmas parody video I have never seen before.

Fonzie Sox(AKA Miss Alex) gives you Creepy Santas. (sounds like a STD LOL)

Tamara at Doodles from a Journo brings you Friday Christmas Funnies

Trooper Thorn at Dogs and Jeans
has advice at to what NOT to give your wife for Christmas

Not a blog.. but if you watch "The Office" you HAVE to run out a getPrincess Unicorn Check out "The Testimonials"

AND "The Video"

That episode was THE funniest I have seen in a while!

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

OMG, The Office WAS hilarious last night.

"It turns out you can't admit somebody into rehab against their will."


(I'm at school, and I'm too lazy to sign in.)

dizzblnd said...

ahhh! I was wondering. I LOVED this prank... and Jim

Trooper Thorn said...

Thanks for linking to my post. The stripper pole and P-mate have turned out to be very popular.

dizzblnd said...

You're welcome. I didn't think you'd mind :)

Whoda thunk those were popular gift requests?

SheBloggs said...

Ahh, funny stuff! The Christmas Santa's were horrifying, and I so love the Office. One of my favorite shows. I work in something of the sort, and I totally can relate!! And the Christmas humor pics were funny too. That time of the season!

Scandalous Housewife said...


Sabrae said...

lol!!!! I don't watch the office... so I missed that one!

Anna Lefler said...

Full moon! Is THAT what this week had been about? Sheesh.

All right, then, back to filing off the horns and shaving the fur off the backs of my hands now...




dizzblnd said...

You all are hilarious! Thanks for stopping by.. Next week WILL be better!

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