Saturday, November 22, 2008

Say what?

I have a really seemingly annoying habit/possible disorder. It doesn't bother me a bit, but I think it irritates the hell out of my family and/or friends.

For as long as I can remember, if someone says something that is similar to a movie quote, or a song, I will bust out and continue singing the song or quoting the movie.

For example, if someone says "what we have here...." I will cut them off and say "is a failure to communicate" Or "we might as well..." I'll cut in with "be walking on the sun"

Now I don't normally interrupt people, because it's just plain rude. As long as they don't say something that causes me to bust out in song, I leave them alone. I wonder if this is a disorder, or just something I do that irritates the piss out of people.


Chele said...

hahahah I love it.
I done that from time to time.
I diagnose you with a disorderly habit.

dizzblnd said...

LOL Thank you Dr. Chele. Nice to know I am not alone.

Now can you prescribe me some good drugs? ;)

Lee the MWOB Queen said...

Okay that is friggin' hilarious! I'm really laughing about this...!!

I don't know ANYONE with that disorder/habit so it really makes me want to meet you. Just so I can see you in action with this one.

Babbington said...

Oh great - now I have the start to Guns n' Roses 'Civil War' running on a loop through my head (it features the "what we have here is..." sound clip! Thanks Dizz! :P

Not heard of this habit/disorder before... although I do know a number of people who insist on finishing my sentences - they must know me so well!

Now, I'm no expert when it comes to the English language, but one thing I do find myself doing is correcting grammatical errors in my head and repeating people's sentences to myself - I think this then makes the sentence 'complete'.

I am normal really. Honest.

dizzblnd said...


I am quite the smartass.. every other word out of my mouth is sarcastic. But, I do it in a fun way, I try not to hurt peoples feelings.. but if they are thin skinned, I could be taken wrong. I am sure you and I would get along nicely if we were to ever meet!

As for the songs... well.. you might want to strangle me with your bare hands 10 minutes into meeting me.

dizzblnd said...


Normal? Define normal!

I correct grammatical errors in my head too.. sometimes I forget my manners and it slips out nice and loud.

Thanks for the new song running through my head ;)

Babbington said...

You correct grammatical errors in your head, too? Really? I always wondered whether it was just me. Finally, the puzzle is complete! Lol

'Define normal' Er... Next question, please ;-)

Anna Lefler said...

Ha! This is great! I know I have about 78 of these kinds of habits (at least). But I refuse to acknowledge them!!

:^) Anna

dizzblnd said...

lol anna... yeah acceptance is the first step in getting help... psh.. who wants help??

dizzblnd said...

and babbs... isn't it nice to know you are not alone?

Poetry Sue said...

I spell every printed word I see on a sign... and I have found that about half the time things are spelled wrong... very horrible... there is nothing more annoying than driving down the street spellling every damn word on every damn sign in your head... but I can't help it... sigh

Tamara said...

Heehee... I do that too. Abnd usually people don't recognise the movie / song and think I'm nuts. Which is true enough I guess.

Now I'll leave you with this one
"So long, farewell..."

dizzblnd said...

thanks a lot tamara! sigh.. now I have to go "bang my head"

dizzblnd said...

sue... that's an odd disorder.. not sure I've heard of that one.. I would have to hang myself I think

dizzblnd said...

sue... that's an odd disorder.. not sure I've heard of that one.. I would have to hang myself I think

acute_disaster said...


I finished that for you. I hope it's the right song. Lol.

" you my friends, goodbye for now, until we meet again! It's been great to play and sing together (in the box) and now it's time to saaaayyy gooodbyyyeee. so long, farewell, to you my friends, goodbye, for now, untiiiiil we meeeeet aaaaah-gainnnn."



dizzblnd said...

GREAT another STOOOOOOPID song stuck permanately.... thanks

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