Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Black Friday!

This video has nothing to do with shopping, Christmas or even anything remotely holiday-ish.

But it's good for a laugh. It also might give you a real good explanation about what's causing all the back ups in your plumbing and why all of your socks keep disappearing if you have a prepubescent or pubescent boy. Hell, sit him in front of the computer, save yourself from having this embarrassing talk yourself!


Babbington said...

Lol - I must remember to bookmark that for when I have kids!

And, you know what - I've even learned something today! ;-)

dizzblnd said...

Oh good! I am always thrilled when I can help someone fulfill the "learn 1 new thing very day" goal.

Ya ever watch Weeds? That's what it's from

Lee the MWOB Queen said...

Thanks soggy-doggy for leaving me speechless this morning. I have a 17-month-old lil' dude so I'll have to wait sometime before any of this advice can be passed on.... (I hope!) : - )

dizzblnd said...

Always my pleasure Lee!

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